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The Cloak by Sarah Jennings Book Tour + Giveaway

A themed tour through Prism Book Tours.

We're Launching THE CELTIC TOUR for
The Cloak
By Sarah Jennings

A Celtic princess learns to accept her destiny as the leader of her people.

More About The Cloak and Author Sarah Jennings

1. What is your motivation behind this book? Why did you want to write it?

My motivation for writing The Cloak was really a combination of things. I'm a huge fan of smart and determined heroines, and I'd like to see more faith-based ones represented in the genres I've chosen, especially for young adults. It seemed time to share some of the adventures for Kellan, the lead character, that I've had running through my head for a number of years. Also, I specifically wanted to write the book in a way that would allow a reader to finish it in over a few hours' time, just enough for a quick getaway read or for those on the run with a busy schedule.

2. What do you hope readers take with them when they read your book?

Of course, I hope they want to hear more stories, but as for a takeaway it's my desire that readers are able to connect with Kellan and close the book feeling encouraged. Kellan's trials, while not always her fault, often are due to self-doubt, stubbornness, and a quick temper. God uses it all for His greater purpose, and Kellan is happier in the end for it. I wholeheartedly believe He is able to do that with us as well.

3. Do you have a favorite scene?

If I have to pick one scene, I will say the moment when Kellan comes home for the last time. To me, it signals that she has finally come full circle. She rids herself of a false identity and has decided that she won't be chased away from what she loves because of her own insecurities.

4. Share something about you that is unique - maybe about how/where you write... or favorite snack foods?

Some of my ideas for stories come while listening to music in the car. I think all of us should have background music following us around all the time.

The CloakThe Cloak
Sarah Jennings
Inspirational YA Romantic Suspense
Paperback and ebook, 194 pages
November 2014

Kellan McKensie, Princess of Errigal, is set on leaving for another world before being thrust into a plan of God's choosing that includes learning of her past, embracing her future, and finding her forever love.

Among a lost line of beautiful, wise queens and a conquered country still clinging to medieval traditions in today's world, can Kellan be convinced that now is her time to act? Why should she? To the entire country, she doesn't even exist. Ever the reluctant leader, Kellan is pressured to use her incredible God-given abilities to bring back the glory of her homeland. To do so, she must fight her own will, overcome fears, and control her temper. It's a lot to ask of a girl hidden under a cloak her whole life.

Sarah Jennings is an American storyteller living in the hills of North Carolina with her husband, four children, and escape artist hound dog. Her stories often revolve around strong willed heroines who find their way with God’s help during their adventures and in the process find their soulmate too. The Cloak is one such story now available in print and ebook format.

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Kellan stood facing the great stone fireplace. Its dancing flames matched the ones in her eyes. After what seemed like forever, her breathing finally began to slow down. The king had been about to say something to her once he heard the duke ride off, but Master Hewitt had stepped forward and held out his hand to stop him. She needed a moment more to settle down.

What did I just do? thought Kellan. She vaguely remembered looking her brother in the eye and in a nutshell saying, “Bring it on!” The nightmare of dead villagers began to flash through her mind again, and she felt like she was going to pass out. Only she and God knew how much she doubted her actions sometimes. Looking up, she caught the picture of one of her grandmothers out of the corner of her eye. She moved over closer to it, her heartbeat sounding like a drum in her ears. It almost felt like the painting was calling to her. Very slowly, she walked around the room’s border, her eyes connecting with every McKensie queen. Her head stopped aching, and her thoughts became clearer.
Ian and Master Hewitt stood near the center of the room watching and remained silent. They would wait her out. She eventually came to the portrait of her mother. Although Princess Seanna never was crowned queen, Ian’s father had commissioned her painting when she was still at the castle and had it hung in the library after her death. Ian’s grandfather hadn’t resisted because he knew his son’s pain was great.

As she intently gazed at the painting, Kellan felt the greatest sorrow she’d ever felt for the mother she’d never known. She realized that this must be how all the McKensie women felt, since all their own mothers never lived very long after bringing them into this world. What a terribly unfair tragedy. And in her mother’s case, she was dragged away by a man she never loved, only to die giving life to a baby she would never meet. How dare he speak such horrid things to me! My father might not have cared for me, but my mother would have. And the people of Errigal love me…they made that clear yesterday. I owe them and my mother the same love, and if that means dying to show it, then so be it. I won’t ask anyone to fight with me. It will just be between him and me.
Steadily, her breathing picked up again. She lowered her head and could feel the familiar trembling sensation. This time she didn’t fight it. Looking over her shoulder, her narrowed eyes sought out the teacher. “Master Hewitt,” she said, with a deepened voice.

“Yes, my lady.”

“Prepare me.”

“As you wish, my lady.”

It was all she had to say. He knew exactly what she meant and exactly what he had to do. His heart was broken, for he knew she would be hurt, possibly mortally, but there was nothing he could do. Saving Errigal was why she was born.

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