Thursday, February 26, 2015

Enslaved by Evangeline Anderson Book Blitz + Giveaway


“Mistress,” he murmured, looking up at her. “Would you spread your legs for me a little? I can’t reach you otherwise.”

Trin bit her lip.

“You…you reached me just fine before, when you paid obeisance before the feast,” she pointed out breathlessly.

“Yes…” Thrace’s silver-blue eyes were half-lidded with lust. “But then I was only kissing your panties. This time I am paying obeisance to your pussy and I want to do it properly.”

“I…you do?” Trin wished her voice didn’t come out sounding so high and girly. She tried again. “What do you mean by…properly?” she made herself ask in a somewhat lower and more steady tone.

“I must worship your entire pussy—must pay obeisance to both your outer pussy lips and your inner cunt,” he rumbled, looking up at her. “As is proper and right.”

“I…I don’t think…”

“You know I’ll be gentle,” he promised, stroking her inner thigh with one big, warm hand. “And I swear it will just be a kiss—I won’t penetrate you, not even with my tongue. I’ll treat your pussy with the same reverence and respect I used towards your mouth and nipples, Mistress.”

“Well…” Trin could feel herself weakening. Surely it couldn’t hurt to let him do this, she reasoned with herself. Not when it was just a kiss and he wasn’t even using his tongue. “All right,” she said at last and Thrace gave her a slow smile.

“Thank you, Mistress,” he murmured. “Now, please spread yourself for me.”

Trin did as he said, though it made her blush to do so. She opened her thighs for him, allowing him better access to her pussy. But this clearly wasn’t enough for Thrace.

With a low growl, he lifted her right thigh and placed it over his broad, left shoulder.

Trin gasped and had to keep her balance by grabbing his other shoulder with one hand. At the same time, she could feel that the new position had opened her considerably. Looking down she saw that her outer pussy lips were spread wide, showing the creamy inner part of her cunt which was already wet with her juices.

A male! A male made you that way—made you wet. Made you want him, want his kiss and more, whispered a condemning little voice in her brain.

“Goddess!” Trin whispered. Unable to look, she closed her eyes on the shameful sight. But then she heard Thrace calling her.

“No, baby,” he said softly when she opened her eyes to look at him. “Watch me do this…watch me honor your sweet little pussy…watch me pay obeisance to your cunt.”

“Thrace…” she whispered and found that once again, she was caught in the trap of his silver-blue gaze, completely unable to look away.

“That’s right, Mistress,” he murmured, leaning towards her, never taking his eyes from hers. “Watch me honor you.”

Then his hot, open mouth was connecting with her trembling pussy, bathing her in heat, making Trin gasp and then moan as she felt his warmth envelope her, claiming her completely. Anderson is a registered MRI tech who would rather be writing. She lives in Florida with her husband and son and enjoys reading, writing, baking, and playing Diablo II. (She has a barbarian named Giggles and a necromancer named Jimbo.) Despite her goofy hobbies, she writes smoking hot paranormal, sci-fi, and BDSM erotica.

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