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This Night So Dark by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner Review

This Night So Dark

This Night So Dark (Starbound, #1.5)
This Night So Dark
(Starbound #1.5)
Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner
Genres: YA, Dystopian, Sci-f
Published: October 7th, 2014
Don’t miss the breathtaking short story that connects the first two novels in the Starbound trilogy, These Broken Stars and This Shattered World.

Tarver still has nightmares about the night, six months before the Icarus crash, when he rescued a group of civilian researchers being held hostage by brutal mercenaries. Now Tarver and Lilac must reconcile his memories of that fateful night with the truth that they uncovered on a mysterious planet after the Icarus crashed.

Includes a bonus preview chapter from This Shattered World!

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Before it all started in THESE BROKEN STARS:

THIS NIGHT SO DARK was a wonderful addition to the STARBOUND series! I LOVED getting back inside Tarver Merendsen's head, and seeing what honorable acts gave him all those medals and ultimately promoted him from Captain to Major! And I can honestly say, THIS NIGHT SO DARK was nothing short of AMAZING!!!!

But one thing that was a little disappointing was that it felt like it wasn't long enough. Honestly, that was the only reason I gave this book 4.5 stars and not the full 5 stars I would of gave it if it would of been longer. I just felt like it needed more to the story. I would of love to see what happen after Tarver got the researchers out of their hostage situation. But really, it was a small issue, because this whole entire short story ROCKED!!!!


~ Six months before the Icarus crash ~

Captain Tarver Merendsen is on a routine patrol on the planet of Avon when he's life is forever changed. He's pushed to the limit and has to use every ounce of his skill, determination, and experience too survive, and to keep innocent civilians from getting caught in the crossfire.

When Captain Merendsen gets the call informing him that VC-Delta has lost communication, and request to have a check-in to inquire about the status of the situation, Tarver knows somethings not right. And then Tarver's fears are conformed when him and his partner Fisk, arrive at the facility and realize that it's more then a lost connection, or an issue with the computers. They've been sieged, and they're the researchers being held hostage in the buildings only hope of survival...

But then when Tarver comes to realize that he is more alone then he thought, and that he will be tested to the fullest, and learn more about himself and what he is capable of when pushed to the limit of life or death, and that he is prepared to do anything in order to save the civilians that he's sworn to protect, his world comes crumbling down. But the shocking truth and betrayal of that fateful night is even more clearer after the Icarus crash. And Lilac & Tarver will have to begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together, and start to understand what really could of happened that murderous night, six-months before his world changed forever.

I LOVED seeing the events that made Tarver who he was in beginning of THESE BROKEN STARS. And always wondered how he got to become Major Merendsen—the well respected War hero from the first book. And it really was great the story that lies behind it all. It just made me fall more in love with Major Tarver Merendsen, I mean, even his name is!! I just love Tarver and Lilac so much, and I thoroughly enjoyed being back into this world through their perspective!

Overall, THIS NIGHT SO DARK was all I could of hoped for from Tarver's story of how he became who he was in THESE BROKEN STARS. And it was such an addicting pull that never let up the whole time I was reading it! Only complaint, like I said above, is that it was not long enough at all. I wish, NO, I NEEDED it to be longer!! If it would of been at least 20 more pages, all wrapped around the HOT Tarver Merendsen, it would of easily made my HIGH 4.5 Star rating to an EXPLOSIVE full 5 Stars!! So if you've read this series, then this short story is definitely A MUST READ!

4.5 Bone Hearts 




  1. Oh! How come I didn't know about this novella!
    I read the first book a long while ago and it was AMAZING. I cannot wait to read this then the second book. We have a new couple this time! But I want more of Lilac and Tarver
    GREAT review
    Your reader,
    Soma R.

  2. Aww, I didn't know that this was a story from Tarver's POV. That makes this one even more appealing to me. I am excited that This Shattered World is all new characters, but I loved these two, especially Tarver. Glad to know his story is a good one!


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