Thursday, May 22, 2014

City of Cruelty and Copper by Rhiannon Paille Cover Reveal

City of Cruelty 

and Copper

 City of Cruelty and Copper

Temperance Era # 1)
Nuclear warfare destroyed Earth, setting it off its axis. A group of survivors escaped to Antarctica, discovering a city under the permafrost. Fable Ketterling was thirteen when the bombs went off. She was fifteen when she and her parents escaped. She was fifteen when she found the fountain of youth. She was fifteen when the fountain made her immortal. She was the only one.

Rhiannon is an up and coming Indie Author that writes Young Adult Fantasy books and some non fiction. She has a PhD in Metaphysical Science and Parapsychology. When she’s not writing books she’s reading minds, singing karaoke, burning dinner and sipping iced cappuccino despite her allergy to coffee. Some day she’d like to own a unicorn—as long as it doesn’t eat her. She's sold over 25,000 copies of her books worldwide.

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