Saturday, April 26, 2014

Stacking The Shelves #53

Stacking The Shelves
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Hey Guys,  
Happy Saturday! :)
I hope everyone had a wonderful week?  Mine was good! Check out this weeks haul and leave me a link to your Stack, and I'll come visit you! :-) 

Here's My 53rd Stacking The Shelves...

My Physical Stack This Week...

- Soho Fall 2014 (Sampler)
- The A-Word (ARC)
 - Strange And Ever After (ARC)
- New Sight (PB)
- The Violet Hour (PB)
- Deception's Princess (HB)
- Deception's Princess (HB)
- Prisoner Of Night And Fog (HB)
- Prisoner Of Night And Fog (HB)
- Dorothy Must Die (HB)
- Salvage (HB)
- Ruin & Rising (Sampler)

New Sight By: Paperback

I received these ARC's for review!
BIG thanks to the Publishers: Soho Press, HarperTeen & Macmillan for these pretties! :)

- The A-Word By: ARC
- Soho Fall 2014 Sampler

- Strange And Ever After By: ARC

- Ruin & Rising By: Leigh Bardugo (Sampler)

I got 2 copies of each of these 2 books below! I feel a giveaway coming on! ;)

- The Violet Hour By: Paperback

- Salvage By: Hardback

- Dorothy Must Die By: Hardback


- Extraction By: Bookmarks 

HUGE thanks to Swag!

- These Broken Stars By: Bookmarks & Swag! 

With all this extra Swag Meg sent me, I have more then enough to share. So since I also have a hardback and a ARC of THESE BROKEN STARS, I figure I would hold an awesome giveaway!! So look out for a giveaway coming in May! And I have a interview scheduled with  soon also. So I might have it all in one post!

So what did you add to your Shelves this week?

Link me up to your new additions and I'll come visit you! :)


  1. I'm interested in what you think of Deception's Princess! I like the sound of that fantasy novel. And oooo, These Broken Stars swag! I love the jewelry :D

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    Check out my STS post!

    1. I'm SO excited to read Deception's Princess! It's been one of my most anticipated books of the year (Along with many others :)

      And I loved the These Broken Stars swag also! I haven't happened the jewelry, I'm thinking to give that away in the Interview/Giveaway for These Broken Stars next month. Oh, but I want too, it looks SO beautiful!

      Thanks for dropping by, Alyssa! :)

  2. deceptions Princess looks really good and I like fantasy novels. you got some excellent books to keep you busy.

    books of love

    1. Deceptions Princess does look SO awesome! I can't wait to fit it in my reading pile! I just have too many review/beta reviews due first!

      Thanks for stopping by, Grace! :)

  3. Wow- so much signed swag! And yay, a finished copy of Dorothy Must Die along with the ARC, they look so pretty together! :D I LOVED Prisoner of Night and Fog (wasn't expecting to, so that was an awesome surprise) and the hardbacks are sooo pretty. :) Thanks for stopping by mine earlier and happy reading!

    1. I know, you can never have enough signed swag! I've got TONS!! I'm going to start giving some away with my giveaways! :)

      And I was so surprised that loved Prisoner of Night and Fog as much as I did also! I really didn't think I was going to love it! But I did, it was amazing!

      Thanks for stopping by, Kirsty! :)

  4. Woah, that is one awesome haul! I didn't enjoy DOROTHY MUST DIE as much as I wanted to, but I still want a hardcover of it! And Stephanie is the sweetest—I hope you enjoy EXTRACTION! Happy reading <3

    1. Thanks, but it's no where near as awesome as yours every week! You have AMAZING hauls! :)

      And Stephanie is the sweetest person! I have a interview scheduled with her in July when EXTRACTION releases! )

      Thanks for stopping by, Hafsah! :)

  5. Nice haul! Dorothy Must Die is near the top of my to-buy list - enjoy!

    1. I'm excited to read it also. Even though it's gotten mixed reviews, I still HAVE to read it!

      Thanks for stopping by, Samantha! :)


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