Saturday, April 19, 2014

Stacking The Shelves #52

Stacking The Shelves
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Hey Guys,  
Happy Saturday! :)
I hope everyone had a wonderful week?  Mine was good! Check out this weeks haul and leave me a link to your Stack, and I'll come visit you! :-) 

Here's My 52nd Stacking The Shelves...

My Physical Stack This Week...

- Victories (ARC)
- Stolen Songbird (PB)
- Extraction (ARC)
- The Forever Song (HB)

I read this in a eARC a couple weeks ago and LOVED IT! And this being one of my favorite series, EVER, I just HAD to buy me a finished copy when it realeased! I can't wait to read this book again, but this time in a beautiful hardback!


- The Forever Song By: Julie Kagawa Hardback

What'cha think? Pretty Epic inside, huh?

I've seen this book around for a while but never really paid it much attention. Then I read a review for this book and it sounded so epic, so I just HAD to buy it! I'm actually reading it now. I just started it so I can't really say much about it, yet!

- Stolen Songbird By: Danielle L Jensen Paperback

I received this ARC for review as a surprise from the TOR TEEN!

BIG thanks to the Publisher, TOR TEEN! 

- Victories By: Mercedes Lackey & Rosemary Edghill  (ARC)

I requested this from the Publisher, ST. MARTINS PRESS for review, and was so excited to receive it! 

HUGEEE thanks to the Publisher, ST. MARTINS PRESS! 

- Extraction By: Stephanie Diaz (ARC)

The author was giving out bookmarks to anyone who wanted them on facebook. So of course I had to ask for some, because this book sounds SO awesome! I also have an awesome interview and giveaway scheduled for The Eighth Guardian around the release date next month! So be sure to stop back and check! :) 

- The Eighth Guardian By: Meredith McCardle Bookmarks 

So what did you add to your Shelves this week?

Link me up to your new additions and I'll come visit you! :)



  1. OOOh awesome! I am waiting eagerly for my keeper copy of The Forever Song! It got delayed to a payment mishap and let me tell you I was devastated! I wanted my pretty copy of the book! First I was told it would arrive mid-May for whatever reasons, which caused my freakout to accelerate, but the next day I was told it would arrive next week. Much better and more doable!

    Happy Reading!!

    My STS will be up tomorrow, so be sure to stop by then!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

    1. Owe...I am SO sorry that your FOREVER SONG hardback got delayed! Don't you hate it when that happens? Especially when it's a book that you're DYING to read! But it's well worth the wait, I LOVED THE FOREVER SONG!!! I read it in a eARC that I got from NetGalley a couple weeks ago. Then I had to have a finished hardback to complete my physical set. But you've already read this too, right? I think I seen on your blog that you already read it also!

      Anyways, good luck in getting your book, and thanks for stopping by, Jessica! :)

  2. Haven't seen some of these before (of course, I've seen The Forever Song a lot). I love Forever's Song's cover thing without the jacket, that's really cool! US Books always seem to look great without covers. UK Covers just tend to be black and that's it, it's really boring.

    This week I visited UK's most beautiful library! Find me Under The Mountain

    1. Ha, that funny because I feel the totally opposite. I tend to like the UK covers better then the US covers.

      Take THE ETERNITY CURE cover for instance. The US cover is bland, boring, with nothing to it really. But the UK cover has a badass looking Asian chick on the cover looking to fierce! And there's more then a few other UK covers that I've notice that I feel just put the US covers to shame. Of course, this is just MY opinion. :)

      But I could also feel that way too because I live in the US and I can only get the US covers. If I could get my hands on the UK covers whenever I wanted, then I might feel different. Who knows! :)

      Anyways, thanks for stopping by my STS, Vickie! :)

  3. The forever song was amazing. I hope you love it as much as I did. have heard very good things about stolen songbird. Enjoy your weekend.

    books of love

    1. I know, I already read THE FOREVER SONG in an eARC and loved it! And I'm reading the STOLEN SONGBIRD now, and its really good so far!

      Thank you for stopping by, Grace! :)

  4. pretty nice blog, following :)

    1. Thank you, Skyline! :) I'm SO glad you like my blog and that your following me now! :)

  5. Lol...I do that to. If I love an ebook, I purchase the hardcover. Feels better to hold the real thing.
    My Catch

    1. Ha, I didn't think I was the only one to do that. If I read an eBook of a book that I just love, then I HAVE to buy a physical also! And I loved THE FOREVER SONG!

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  6. Nice haul! The Forever Song seems pretty good I hope you enjoy it

    OUT's STS

    Leydy from OUAT & RCE

    1. I've already read THE FOEVER SONG & loved it! :) But I can't wait to read that series again!

      Thanks for stopping by, Leydy! :)

  7. LOOK HOW PRETTY THE FOREVER SONG IS! YES. I'm still waiting on my pre-order because the book depository has totally failed me this time. :( And I just want to read it now, booo. :( Happy reading and thanks for stopping by mine earlier! :)

    1. I LOVE THE FOREVER SONG'S cover under the dust jacket! I'm not a big fan of the actual cover. It's okay, but under the dust jacket in the pic above, I LOVE!!!

      I hate ordering books from The Book Depository! I live in the US, so they also tend to take weeks to arrive to me. But with amazon, my books get to me in 2 days! I love book shopping at amazon!

      Anyways, thanks for stopping by, Kirsty! :)

  8. I loved The Forever Song. Julie Kagawa is a rock star! I also bought The Stolen Songbird after reading a rave review. I don't know when I'll get a chance to read it though. I have no willpower and a review stack that is epic right now. Come see what I got at Ms. Martin Teaches Media and Inside of a Dog. Happy reading!

    1. ABSOLUTELY, NO doubt Julie Kagawa is a rock star! I've loved every single one of her books that I've read! She truly has the gift for enchanting her readers with words!

      I'm so glad you also got THE STOLEN SONGBIRD! I'm reading it now and I'm only about 70 pages into the 400+ pages, but I'm really enjoy it so far. It's starting to definitely pick up now!

      Thanks for stopping by, Kathy! :)

  9. Nice haul, a few of these are completely new to me. I really need to hurry up and start the Blood of Eden series, keep hearing really great things. Also need to hurry up and read Stolen Songbird, have seen a lot of great reviews. I hope you enjoy them all! :)


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