Friday, January 31, 2014

Dystopia Reading Challenge 2014: January Monthly Wrap up #1

Dystopia Reading Challenge 2014

Hey everyone! :) 
Thanks for stopping by my first Monthly Wrap of my 2014 Dystopia Reading Challenge Hosted by BLOG OF ERISED

Well, I've done pretty okay for month 1 in the Dystopia Reading Challenge. Check out my Stats, Dystopians reviews, and goals for next month below!

So my goal for 2014 is to reach:
LEADER-19+ Books


Level 1: Recruit (1 to 6 books)
Level 2: Rebel (7 to 12 books)
Level 3: Revolutionist (13 to 18 books)
Level 4: Leader (19+ books)

I've read 5 Dystopian Books this month!
Yep, FIVE! I did better then I thought I would do for month ONE. See all the dystopian books I read and links to their reviews below:

So, I only needed 1 more book to make it to the first level. I kinda wish I would have one more Dystopian book read, so I could make it to level one in one month. But, oh well, I still did better then I thought! 

Next month's goal is to get to level 2 or almost to level 3. At the worst, I want to have 11 TOTAL dystopian books read, which would put me at the end of level 2. At the best I want to have 13 dystopian books read, and that would leave me at the beginning of level 3! Which would be GREAT!

What about you? 
Do you have any challenges that your apart of? 

If so, did you meet your monthly goals, and did better then you thought? Link me up to your Challenges, so I can see what you been up too! :)

Stop by next month to see if I can make it to the end of level 2, at LEAST 11 books!


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