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The Key by Jennifer Anne Davis Audiobook Review

The Key


(True Reign #1)
Genres: YA, Historical, Fantasy
Published: November 16th, 2013

Within these pages lie kingdoms with castles and princes who fall in love with fair maidens, but make no mistake−this is no fairytale.

His father’s kingdom is on the brink of upheaval and at the center of it all is an ordinary girl who could be the key to its undoing. When faced with the ultimate choice, will he choose the girl he’s falling in love with or the kingdom he has sworn to protect?

An ordinary girl with an extraordinary past. All she wants is to be free. What she doesn’t realize is that freedom comes with a price she can’t afford to pay. She’s forced to accept the proposal of a prince she despises, even though her heart belongs to someone else . . . his brother.

Seventeen-year-old Rema lives in a brutal kingdom where travel between regions is forbidden, people are starving, and looking at someone the wrong way can mean death. Nineteen-year-old Darmik is the king’s son and Commander of the King’s Army. He spends his days roving the island, doing his father’s bidding and trying to maintain control over the people.

When a chance encounter throws Rema and Darmik together, they share an instantaneous connection, but any sort of relationship between them is strictly forbidden. Darmik’s brother, the Crown Prince, notices Darmik’s interest in Rema and, in a calculated, political move, blackmails her. Faced with an impossible choice, Rema is forced to sacrifice her heart in order to save her family.

As Rema is taken to the palace with the Crown Prince, Darmik confronts the growing rumor that a legitimate blood heir to the throne exists and is trying to overthrow Darmik’s family. In Darmik’s quest to hunt down and kill the threat, he discovers that nothing is as it seems. Locked in the king’s castle, Rema finds herself a key player in a massive power struggle. When Darmik shows up, she’s not sure if she can trust him. The line between friends, enemies, and loyalty becomes blurred. As truths are unlocked, Rema understands that she just might be the key to finding the rightful heir and restoring peace to the kingdom… if she can manage to stay alive long enough.




I loved THE KEY so much! I was actually very surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Not because it didn't sound fantastic, because it did, but I kept putting it off for years, thinking it was one of those books that sounded fantastic, but turn out to be a load of junk. But I am so happy to say that was NOT the case here with THE KEY! Not at all, the complete opposite to be exact!

The world-building is what captivated me from the very beginning. I love a thick-plotted world with evil kings and a kingdom of the verge of self destruction. And then you throw in conspiracies and political intrigue, with a forbidden romance and a hot love interest, and a determined heroine, and you have one hell of a book. And that's exactly what I found here! So I was instantly drawn into this world and the outcome of their situation. Davis created a thrilling plot to go along with her epic world building! BRAVO Jennifer Davis, BRAVO!!

The characters were just as amazing as the world-building. The story was told in dual POV's, with Rema and her love interest Prince Darmik as the main characters. And they were both developed and fun characters for their own reasons. Rema was the mystery of the novel, and though we knew her true identity, she didn't, and that made for a thrilling ride to watch her discover all the little hints along the way to revealing the truth behind it all. She was spunky, and I really liked that about Rema's character. She wasn't quickly knocked down, and I don't mean physically I mean mentally. She could take whatever was thrown at her and turn it into not as bad of a situation as it really was. She was also smart and tough, even though she really didn't know how to physically fight, she still wouldn't let that defer her from standing up for herself. She was just a well-rounded, awesome protagonist that I just loved.

And Darmik, the other main POV was so dam hot!!! He drove me crazy when it was his POV! I loved him to pieces for many reasons. And though he was doing the evil kings bidding's, he knew it was wrong and did not take pleasure like his brother, the Crown Prince did. He was strong, skilled, loyal, determined, and viciously lethal when he need to be. Yet he was gentle, sweet, compassionate, and just wanted the best thing for his people. And he was slowly starting to see that it was not his father and brother that the people needed. I thought Rema and Darmik were awesome protagonist, and together they would be unstoppable...



Greenwood Island is ruled by a just king and queen, with two sons and one daughter. All is well in the land, citizens are feed and treated fairly, and though their not the riches kingdom, their content and happy with their Monarch and the lives they provide.

But all that changes when Emperor Hamen, ruler of Emperion on the mainlands wants to open up trade with Greenwood Island. But the king and queen of Greenwood refuse the Emperor for their own good reasons, and thus sentenced Greenwood to their deaths at the hands of the Emperion army. An army vastly larger and highly more skilled then Greenwood's soldiers. And on one eerie, blood-filled night, the Emperion army invades Greenwood Island, and slaughtered the Royal family, killing anyone who gets in their way. Royals, civilians, guards, woman, children-babies, anyone who posed a threat was executed on site. But the Commander of Greenwood Island manged to slip the castle undetected, taking with him the only remaining heir to the Greenwood throne.

So hiding within Greenwood Island, the legitimate heir grows strong and healthy everyday, and is unknowingly the only hope Greenwood has of ridding itself of the false royal family, taking them from power and saving the people from a horrifying life, or death.

And this is how their story begins...


Rema is just a commoner in a kingdom ruled by brutality at the hands of a viscus king and his two sons. She has been shielded from the harsh reality of what really lies in the kingdom. She's content with raising horses and thrillingly riding them with her best friend Bren. Until one day all that changes, and Rema is quickly pulled into a viscus game she knows nothing about, and becomes the pawn in her ultimate downfall.

While out on one of her runs through the forest, Rema meets Darmik, one of the kings sons and commander of the kings lethal army. And what she sees in him is not a brutal, arrogant, blood thirsty prince like she thought him to be, but as a sweet, caring, and very handsome man, who seems to want the best for his people, but is forced by the king to do his evil bidding's. But the other prince, Crown Prince Lennek is the one she has to worry about. He is the opposite of Prince Darmik. He's evil, conning, vindictive, and is very quick to shed blood if it pleases him. And Rema has just unknowingly caught his eye and sealed her fate...

Rema is forced to marry the vile Prince Lennek, becoming the princess and future queen of Greenwood Island. Something Rema would rather die then become. But with no other option if she wants to save her family from a torturous death at the hands of Prince Lennek, she has to obey, and look pleased about it.

The kingdom of Greenwood Island is on the brink of civil war.

With the king rapidly increasing taxes, and quick to kill anyone he pleases, and the people quickly starving from the increase, and not having the means to support themselves, death has become a for sure thing on Greenwood Island. But their are some people who are fighting for peace and freedom, fighting for a new way of life, fighting to overthrow the king and his sons, and they claim the have just the key to do it...

The Key is coming...

That's the whispers in the streets, the hope that swells in peoples hearts, that's the words the rebels spread. The rebels are fiercely rousing the people to stand up for themselves and fight for their freedom. But with little hope of defeating the kings army, the people are quickly knocked down. But what if The Key to their salvation has been right in front of them all along? And what if their really is a rebel force that may just be strong enough to stand up to the kings army? What then?

Doesn't that sound fantastic? It was, it truly was!! I've never read anything by Davis, but she's quickly climbing the ladder into my favorite authors! THE KEY was an amazing start to an absolutely wonderful series that I'm actually almost finished reading, and loving! While writing this review I'm already reading the third and final book in this series! THE KEY was just that good that I instantly had to pick up it's sequel and see what happened after that terrifyingly wonderful cliffhanger Davis threw at us with full force! And book two and three is just as good, if not better then THE KEY!

Overall, I am highly satisfied with this book and the way it all played out. Davis has a way to grab the reader from the very beginning and keep hold until the very end. If you enjoy a spunky, quick-witted main character, with a hot love interest, and a kingdom on the brink of civil war, with evil kings and princes, and a great drama with plenty of action and adventure, then THE KEY is definitely one book you should check out!!



Jennifer Anne Davis


  1. Good review. This series sounds so cool;I love to read about a good adventure. :)

  2. Good review, I think I need to read this one.

  3. Good review, I think I need to read this one.

  4. I don't think my last comment posted. The review was so thorough, that I really want to read the book

  5. I don't think my last comment posted. The review was so thorough, that I really want to read the book

  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this book - I'm looking forward to checking out the series!

  7. I ended up buying this book based on your rec! Thanks!


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