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An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir Book Trailer & ARC Review

An Ember in the Ashes

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Sabaa Tahir
Published: April 28th, 2015
Genres: YA, Fantasy, Dystopian

Set in a terrifyingly brutal Rome-like world, An Ember in the Ashes is an epic fantasy debut about an orphan fighting for her family and a soldier fighting for his freedom. It’s a story that’s literally burning to be told.

LAIA is a Scholar living under the iron-fisted rule of the Martial Empire. When her brother is arrested for treason, Laia goes undercover as a slave at the empire’s greatest military academy in exchange for assistance from rebel Scholars who claim that they will help to save her brother from execution.

ELIAS is the academy’s finest soldier— and secretly, its most unwilling. Elias is considering deserting the military, but before he can, he’s ordered to participate in a ruthless contest to choose the next Martial emperor.

When Laia and Elias’s paths cross at the academy, they find that their destinies are more intertwined than either could have imagined and that their choices will change the future of the empire itself.

Vow your blood and body to the empire.

Keep your heart for yourself.

In a horrifyingly brutal world, AN EMBER IN THE ASHES brings a wonderfully thrilling, epically taunting, spectacularly brilliant, bombshell of book!! AN EMBER IN THE ASHES took me on a nonstop ride through a cruel reality of choices, sacrifices, and the true value of the power of love...

A fast-paced plot with twist and turns to keep you on your toes guessing which way it'll turn, AN EMBER IN THE ASHES was just about everything I hoped for. I LOVED this book so sooooo hard!! It was dark, and dangerous, and thrilling, and so much fun to read!! It had this rough edge and paranormal aspects that I did not except from reading the synopsis, but added a more complex plot that only grew thicker with each chapter.

The characters—all of them were interesting in their own special way, even the side ones. I think Sabaa Tahir did an amazing job with the character development, and the depth of their personalty. The main characters Laia and Elias were great heroines, and I loved how they found themselves at the same Academy for their own reasons and each had their own goals in what they needed to achieve, but how their stories intertwined and weaved themselves into each others, and by the end of the book they were the sole means of each others survival. Truly brilliant, I looooved that so much!!


~ LAIA ~

Laia is a Scholar trying to blend in and stay off the Empire's radar, but when her brother is arrested for treason and the rest of her family is murdered before her eyes, Laia is determined to find away to free the only remaining family she has left before he meets the same fate as her murdered family. But in a world so cruelly twisted, their is but little hope for anything if you're a Scholar. But that won't stop Laia from giving it all she has to free her brother from the clutches of the Martial's who have brought so many of their people to their deaths.

Laia will have to join forces with the rebellion if she has any chance of freeing her brother from his cruel fate. But what the leader is asking in exchange for helping her is no easy task, and in order to overcome all the obstacles set out in front of her she will have to fight with everything she has to save brother.

With little options, Laia reluctantly agrees to go undercover in the most deadliest place of all—the heart of the Empire, and spy on the most dangerous women in their world. The Commandant, who has brought more Scholar's to their death then anyone in her class. She is dangerous, deadly, and out for blood, and Laia has just walked into the Lions den...


Being the finest solider at Blackcliff Military Academy hasn't done Elias any favors. He yearns to be free of the chains that bind him, to finally be rid of the brutality he's forced to inflict day in and day out, and is secretly planning his escape. But before Elias can make his move, something far more dangerous then anything at the Academy approaches him with a proposition, one that could finally be his ticket to freedom of the wretch world he was forced into. But it won't be easy to complete, and the trials he'll have to endure will prove to be far more deadlier then anything he could of anticipated. And before it's all said an done, Elias may have to choose between his heart and his loyalties—the same loyalties that are his ticket to freedom... But how can Elias really be free when the things he has to endure and inflict will never really set him free inside, but really the opposite...

When these two worlds collide they will intertwine in more ways then one, and will become each others crutch for survival. Who would think a Mask and a Scholar could be anything more then slave and master? But when sparks fly, and loyalties become twisted, Laia and Elias will have to trust each other to the fullest if their going to accomplish their goals, and may even find they've lost their hearts somewhere along the line...

AN EMBER IN THE ASHES was full of twist and turns, action and adventure, lies and betrayals, love and romance, power and blood, sacrifice and ultimate choices that could change the fate of the Empire. It was a thrilling book that I absolutely loved. Though it was not as mind blowing as I hoped, but it was still pretty dam close, which is why I gave it the rating I did, but that didn't take much away from my opinion of this book. The ending was torture, absolute TORTURE!!! I have this love/hate relationship with the ending. And while it was thrilling and satisfying, it was too much of a cliffhanger to keep me hanging on the edge of the seat for another whole year until book two is released. But nevertheless, that ending was still epically awesome and amazingly thrilling, and I can't WAIT until I get back into this world again!!!

Overall, AN EMBER IN THE ASHES was just about as good as I hoped, minus a few minor flaws, but nothing to serious to deter me from my overall love for this book. I loved the world setting, the characters, the surprising paranormal aspects, the trials, the hardships they had to endure, the slow burning romance, and just the overall feel of this book!! AN EMBER IN THE ASHES satisfies in more ways then one. I will be impatiently waiting until book two releases sometime in 2016 (I hope), and will be sure to read it as soon as it lands in my happy little hands. If you enjoy a dystopia setting, intertwined with a rich fantasy twist, tied into paranormal aspects, with twist and turns, and a fast-paced plot, then AN EMBER IN THE ASHES should definitely be your next read!!!

NOTE: I received a physical ARC from Razorbill (Penguin) for reviewing purposes! All opinions express are my own and are not influenced in any way!
4.5 Bone Hearts

SabaaT3Sabaa Tahir grew up in California’s Mojave Desert at her family’s 18-room motel. There, she spent her time devouring fantasy novels, raiding her brother’s comic book stash and playing guitar badly. She began writing An Ember in the Ashes while working nights as a newspaper editor. She likes thunderous indie rock, garish socks and all things nerd. Sabaa currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her family.


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  2. I liked your review of An Ember in the Ashes because it describes exactly the type of book I love to read, fantasy and dystopian. Books with twists, turns and a fast paced plot means to me that I won't want to put it down once I start to read it. Your mention of the love/hate relationship in the end really get my curiosity going especially where the underdog is fighting entire armies to save themselves, their loved ones and most of all fighting for freedom.

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  14. You write the best reviews. I have had this on my TBR pile for quite a while. I will have to bump it up on my list and start it soon.

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