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The Book of Ivy by Amy Engel Audiobook Review

The Book of Ivy


The Book of Ivy (The Book of Ivy, #1)  The Revolution of Ivy (The Book of Ivy, #2)

THE BOOK OF IVY was full of love, betrayals, murder plots, deception, and the courage to do what is in your heart, no matter the consequences...

I've had THE BOOK OF IVY on my radar for a while now, but since it sounded vaguely familiar to another book I read, ABERRANT, I was reluctant to pick it up. But my curiosity won me over and I finally decided to give THE BOOK OF IVY it's fair shot regardless of the similarities I thought they had. But I am pleasantly surprised to admit that was not the case and the similarities were very minor, and it was definitely worth the read.

THE BOOK OF IVY was very slow paced with hardly any action, but that was strangely okay with me. I still enjoyed the drama and suspense of it all. There were a lot of layers and plots and schemes and tons of betrayals that kept this story interesting enough even without the action and adventure. And the world-building was a little different then what I excepted, but still interesting enough. Though I would of liked to have more history on the war and conflict between the families, but I'm hoping we'll get more info in book two, THE REVOLUTION OF IVY.


After the war, Ivy's ancestors founded Westfall Community, a place that the people could rebuild and start anew. But their was disagreement about how to keep things up and running, and who should run them. The Westfall's and the Lattimer's went head to head for the position, and as fate would have it, the Lattimer's were the ones who seized control of Westfall Community. But instead of killing the rival family, they made the Westfall's the lowest citizens of their Community, and forced them to marry off their future children to the future Lattimer children, and thus seizing even more control of the Westfall's and the Community.

And then the murder plot begins...

Ivy Westfall is on a mission, one that could change the world as they know it. One that could bring her family to their rightful place in power. One that could bring freedom back to their people. One that could save their women from marrying monsters. One that will turn her into, a murderer...

For the mission she must complete is simple:

"Marry the enemy, make him trust you, find the codes and guns, wait for the order, execute on site."

Easy right? To save her people Ivy must kill the only person that might really want to save them all—Bishop Lattimer, the enemy and the presidents son, but also the love of Ivy's life... She must kill the man she's grown to love if she's to change their world...

So to sum it all up, THE BOOK OF IVY was way more then I anticipated. I reveled in this story and the slow paced plot with strong characters and a slow burning romance that made me want to stay up late for just one more chapter!!

Overall, THE BOOK OF IVY is definitely a must read for dystopian fans out there. It's not your gritty, face-paced, action-packed dystopia, so if that's what your looking for you won't find it here. But if you want a slow burning romance, with a slower pace plot, fleshed with rich developed characters, with spunk and determination, and a desire to set what's wrong right, and to avoid the dirtier methods to get it, then THE BOOK OF IVY is something I'm sure you'll enjoy. I am soooo eagerly waiting for book two, THE REVOLUTION OF IVY. I can't WAIT to see what happens next, because that ending was a KILLER!!!!

NOTE: I received a eARC from Entangled for reviewing purposes! All opinions express are my own and are not influenced in any way!
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Amy Engel was born in Kansas and after a childhood spent bouncing between countries (Iran, Taiwan) and states (Kansas; California; Missouri; Washington, D.C.), she settled in Kansas City, Missouri, where she lives with her husband and two kids. Before devoting herself full-time to motherhood and writing, she was a criminal defense attorney, which is not quite as exciting as it looks on TV. When she has a free moment, she can usually be found reading, running, or shoe shopping. The Book of Ivy is her debut YA novel.


  1. This book sounded good when I first heard about it. But when I started seeing all of the reviews for it, mostly raving reviews, it really made my interest peak! I am starting to think that I should give it a shot, especially since it is on my Kindle

  2. The Book of Ivy is a debut novel, and it was quit engaging - it is beautifully written. Since this is a dystopian novel - you would expect lots of action, I do believe the second and last installment in the series would have plenty of survival and action. I would really recommend this novel - it is an impressive start to a great duology, adding this to my favorites list now.

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