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Frostfire by Amanda Hocking ARC/Audiobook Review


Review: Frostfire by Amanda HockingFROSTFIRE
Amanda Hocking
(The Kanin Chronicles #1)
Published: January 6th, 2015

Genres: YA, Paranormal, Fantasy
Bryn Aven is an outcast among the Kanin, the most powerful of the troll tribes. Set apart by her heritage and her past, Brynn is a tracker who's determined to become a respected part of her world. She has just one goal: become a member of the elite King’s Guard to protect the royalty. She's not going to let anything stand in her way, not even a forbidden romance with her boss Ridley Dresden. But all her plans for the future are put on hold when Konstantin– a fallen hero who she once loved – appears to be up to something dangerous, kidnapping changelings. Bryn is sent in to help stop him, but will she lose her heart in the process?


Frostfire (Kanin Chronicles, #1) Ice Kissed (Kanin Chronicles, #2) Crystal Kingdom (Kanin Chronicles, #3)

I've been so eager to read FROSTFIRE since I seen the amazing cover last year and fell madly in love with it. And the rest of the series covers are just as amazing, if not better!! And when I received my ARC for review, I nearly jumped for joy at it's awesomeness!!

But honestly, I may have had my exceptions a little too high. I read Hocking's Zombie series and absolutely LOVED it. So I guess I may have set my standards to those same exceptions, because it wasn't as good as I hoped, and it ended without giving too much incite on the plot and the reasoning behind the plot of the story. But nevertheless, FROSTFIRE was still enjoyable and totally an engaging read, that I was quickly entangled with and didn't want to put down once I was ensnared.

Let me elaborate...

I loved the world building. The plot of the story was alluring and absolutely appealing. But the pacing and lack of depth didn't back up the story to the full worth of the plot. It had some plot holes, and not enough info to back it all up. It felt like it dragged a bit from time to time, and then their wasn't enough answers to support the full drama and mystery that made this story. And by the end of the book we still don't get answers to why things that happened in the book happened. And that was a little irritating because I desperately wanted to know WHY???


Bryn just wants to be normal, fit in with the same people she's pledged her allegiance too. She's an outcast among the Kanin tribe. Always has been and always will be if she doesn't do something to change it.

Her dream is to become a Hogdragen, one of the finest guards the Kanin has to offer. But since she's half Skojare and half Kanin, she's considered to be the lesser of the full-breed Kanin. But Bryn has never let that stop her from trying, and she's not about to start now!

So Bryn is determined to work her way up the ranks, starting with being a Tracker, tracking the Changelings and convincing them it's time to return home to their Kanin heritage. Thanks to her boss and good friend Ridley, he keeps her on a narrow path, reminding her that she is in fact something special, no matter what her race is. But it's getting harder and harder to deny the feelings she has for him. The rush she feels when he's around. The overpowering desire her body convulses with when he's close. But it's a dangerous, forbidden game she's playing here, and she may just be the one to get burnt.

But there is something that haunts Bryn's dreams, something that almost destroyed her world, something that's come back to finish the job...

Four years ago, a fallen hero named Konstantin went from being the most admired man, to the most hated in a matter a minutes. He crossed a line that not even Bryn, who has secretly been in love with him can forgive. Mater of fact, the betrayal hits more home to her family then any other Kanins, and she's determined to understand the reasoning behind his actions, and then see him put to justice for the crimes he's committed against her, her family, the kingdom, and the Changelings once and for all.

But Bryn's dreams to rise the ranks and become a Hogdragen have to get put on hold when her nightmares literally come true. The Kanin traitor and wanted fugitive Konstantin has resurfaced after four years, and is picking their Changelings off one by one. Bryn and the rest of the trackers are unsure of his true motives and who else is really behind it all. But one thing is for certain, he must be stopped, and she is determined to find him and put an end to it once and for all.

But as Bryn digs deeper into these kidnappings, something is telling her theirs more to the story then she once thought. Someone is sitting back in the shadows pulling the strings, but who, and why? And Konstantin was one of the Kanin's greatest Hogdragen in their history, so why was he so quickly willing to throw it all a way for what seems like nothing?

It all makes no sense, but Bryn is out for answers—answers that seem to only create more questions. Bryn is willing to go to great lengths to reveal that truth behind the kidnappings and who's really behind them. But from the beginning the puzzles didn't seem to fit, and now more then ever, the pieces are starting to come together. But before all is said and done, the truth might bring the kingdoms to their knees...

Overall, even with the lack of development and explanation, I still enjoyed it, a lot! I'm looking forward to continuing this series and seeing how it all plays out, and hopefully getting the answers that I desperately seek!! If you love books with magical worlds, built around tough, driven characters, with determination to survive, then you should definitely check out FROSTFIRE!!!


I really enjoyed the narration of FROSTFIRE. The narrator, Eileen Stevens was well suited for this type of story. Her voice and acting portrayed a teenagers, and fit well with the plot. Her performance blended the right sounds, stops and pauses just at the right time. The emotional feel Eileen radiated with her voice allowed me to experience the characters feelings in overdrive! It's a wonderful feeling to have a narrator put you in the characters shoes with her define and alluring narration!! I will definitely listen to more books by this narrator in the future!!

NOTE: I received a Physical ARC from St. Martin's Griffin & a audiobook from audible for reviewing purposes! All opinions express are my own and are not influenced in any way!

Frostfire (Kanin Chronicles, Book #1) Teaser Quote #1

Amanda HockingI live in Minnesota, and I write young adult paranormal romance and urban fantasy mostly. The My Blood Approves series is about vampires in Minneapolis, and its available now. I also wrote the Trylle Trilogy, which is a paranormal romance without vampires, shifters, mermaids, fae, angels, dragons, ghosts, or ninjas.

My latest book is Hollowland - a zombie urban fantasy set in the dystopian near future. It's a bit more violent and gritter than my other books, but there is still romance. Mostly though, Remy kicks a lot of butt.

I also enjoy Red Bull, Jim Henson, Batman, Jane Austen, Star Wars legos, and I absolutely hate long walks on the beach out of my intense fear/hatred of wet sand.

I'm also the guitarist in a band called the Fraggin Aardvarks, and even though its even twice as cool as it sounds, we haven't had a practice in like two years, so I'm not sure that technically we are still a band. But we never broke up, and it's an awesome thing to tell people, so I'm sticking with it. (We even had a synethesizer!)


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    Aparajita @ Le' Grande Codex

  6. I haven't read anything by this author yet, although I did try with one of her books and it didn't go well. When I saw the cover for this book, it definitely caught my attention and the book sounds really good. But I have to admit that I am hesitant with this one. After reading your review, it sounds like it is a book I should at least try. I may not love it, but it might be a great read, too!

  7. I've heard a bit about this series, but was on the fence about adding it to my TBR. This was a great review! I liked that you reviewed both formats. I am just getting in to audio books and am always looking for good narrators. Unfitting narrators is what turned me off to audio books in the first place. So perhaps I will get this in audio format!

  8. Thanks so much for the review. I didn't enjoy the first book in the Trylle series, and I'm not sure this one is right for me either. However, I had no idea she'd written a zombie series! I'll have to check that one out.

  9. I've just started listening to audio books. I make a weekly trip (about a 3 hour drive) by myself to see my grand-baby and have found audio books an awesome way to pass the time. A good narrator makes all the difference in the enjoyment factor

  10. Enjoyed your review. I'm undecided now on whether to read the book because of the concerns you voiced. By the way, you have "incite" instead of "insight" just FYI.

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    Still haven't read it but I enjoyed the spin off series and since the other books are coming out this year I think a marathon would be in order

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  14. I've wanted to read this book too. I'm wondering if perhaps it didn't explain much because it is a spin-off (sort of) of her Trylle Trilogy. I'm just guessing but perhaps that's why. I'm definitely interested to read it now to see if that is the case. Thanks for the review.

  15. This book is in my TBR pile (the cover enticed me too). Now I'm thinking of holding off until August to read it, so I can read the trilogy all at once. Since you say its enjoyable, but not awesome, I don't mind waiting 4-5 months to read it now.


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