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The Last Changeling by Chelsea Pitcher Blog Tour: Interview + Giveaway
 Welcome to my stop in THE LAST CHANGELING by Chelsea Pitcher Blog Tour hosted by Itching For Book Tours. Today on my stop we have an Interview with author Chelsea Pitcher + an awesome Tour Wide Giveaway!

The Last Changeling

The Last Changeling
Chelsea Pitcher
(Faerie Revolutions #1)

Published: November 8th, 2014
Genres: YA, Fantasy, Paranormal
A Kingdom at War . . .

Elora, the young princess of the Dark Faeries, plans to overthrow her tyrannical mother, the Dark Queen, and bring equality to faeriekind. All she has to do is convince her mother’s loathed enemy, the Bright Queen, to join her cause. But the Bright Queen demands an offering first: a human boy who is a “young leader of men.”

A Dark Princess In Disguise . . .

To steal a mortal, Elora must become a mortal—at least, by all appearances. And infiltrating a high school is surprisingly easy. When Elora meets Taylor, the seventeen-year-old who’s plotting to overthrow a ruthless bully, she thinks she’s found her offering . . . until she starts to fall in love.


 ALICIA: Hi Chelsea, I'm thrilled to have you here today on Addicted Readers! :) 

ALICIA: 1.) Before we get started, can you share with us a little bit about your upcoming release, THE LAST CHANGELING, for readers who may be unfamiliar with it?

CHELSEA: I’d love to! THE LAST CHANGELING is the story of Elora, a faerie princess who’s determined to dethrone her tyrannical mother, and Taylor, a mortal boy who’s determined to connect with someone, in spite of his neglectful family. Alone, the two are struggling to get by, but together, they might spark a revolution.

ALICIA: 2.) How was the idea for your upcoming novel, THE LAST CHANGELING created, and did it turn out to be what you planned on, or did it change a lot from your initial idea?

CHELSEA: I was fascinated by the idea of a faerie’s effect on the high school environment. Especially with someone like Elora, who’s planning a revolution in her own world, it would be impossible for her to sit by and let a small group of students control the school. But then, she never plans to get quite as involved as she does . . . and the way things play out surprised me too! 

ALICIA: 3.) What was the most challenging, and the most enjoyable aspect of writing THE LAST CHANGELING, and why?

CHELSEA:  I really enjoyed writing the love story. Both Elora and Taylor have grown up with neglectful parents, and neither fully believes they’re deserving of love. So there’s a lot of resistance on both of their parts, even when they start to fall for each other. I loved writing the moments when they finally admit how they feel, bit by bit, inching ever closer… I could write scenes like that forever!

The hardest part was balancing all the storylines. The novel basically has five interlocking storylines: Taylor’s family history (and secrets), Elora’s family history (and secrets), the love story, the revolution in Faerie, and the high school uprising. All of these storylines were important, and I spent a lot of time ordering (and re-ordering) everything, like pieces in a puzzle, making sure each piece was in the right place.

ALICIA: 4.) Can you tell us five random things about you? 

                 CHELSEA:  - My hair has been every color of the rainbow.

- A group of friends called me Sita in high school, after the character in The Last Vampire.

- When I was a kid, I sewed my own Little Mermaid costume for Halloween.

- I think Dutch Bros' “Cocomo” is the best coffee drink in the world.

- I saw the Spice Girls’ movie in the theater.

ALICIA: 5.) Can you tell us a little bit about our main character, Elora, and what we can expect from her in THE LAST CHANGELING?

CHELSEA: Elora is a fierce, intelligent faerie princess who’s planning to take down her mother’s court and bring equality to faeriekind. When she infiltrates a human high school, in order to steal a mortal offering to cement her alliance with the Bright Queen, she just needs to get in and out, and not get attached to anyone. But Taylor, the boy who (unwittingly) helps her, is the exact opposite of the humans in her mother’s horror stories. He’s passionate and sweet, and he’s struggling to stand up to injustice in his own world. Still, no matter how much Elora cares for him, she can’t simply forget her revolution to be with a human. There has to be another option . . . 

(Here's a pic of Holland Roden from Teen Wolf. It's so hard to find an actor who is a perfect fit for a character, but I love her fiery red hair and wide, otherworldly eyes. Definitely very Elora-esque features!) 

ALICIA: 6.) If you could describe THE LAST CHANGELING in 10 words, what would they be?

CHELSEA: Find the mortal. Steal the mortal. Don’t fall in love.

ALICIA: Chelsea, it's been a blast having you here today! I'm excited to finally read THE LAST CHANGELING!!

CHELSEA: Thank you so much for having me!!! 

Chelsea PitcherChelsea Pitcher is a native of Portland, OR where she received her BA in English Literature. Fascinated by all things literary, she began gobbling up stories as soon as she could read, and especially enjoys delving into the darker places to see if she can draw out some light.

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  1. I LOVED this book! I knew right away who Sita was, I was into those books in school too. I have a question I'd like to ask about the end, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone else. *whispers*


    Will Elora heal?


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