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Trust Me, I'm Lying by Mary Elizabeth Summer Blog Tour: Intreview + Giveaway

Trust Me, I'm Lying

ALICIA 1.) Before we get started, can you share with us a little bit about your upcoming release TRUST ME, I'M LYING, for readers who may be unfamiliar with it?

MARY: It's about a con artist girl who sells her services to her classmates for tuition money. One day she comes home to a ransacked apartment and her father missing. But he's left her a clue and a gun. She spends the rest of the book trying to track him down, while evading hit men, the FBI, and the dean of students, all of whom are out to get her. She does have the help of some unlikely friends, though, including the school golden-boy Tyler Richland. It's a mystery, though, so there are lots of twists, and not just of the plot variety. ;-)

 ALICIA 2.) How was the idea for your upcoming novel, TRUST ME, I'M LYING created, and did it turn out to be what you planned on, or did it change a lot from your initial idea?

MARY: I had the idea for the premise one night while watching a bunch of episodes of WHITE COLLAR and LEVERAGE back to back. I thought to myself, "Man, I'd really love to read a book with a teen con artist as the protagonist. I don't think it exists, though." And then I woke up the next morning with Julep's voice in my head.

I never set out to be a mystery writer, actually. I had a pretty steep learning curve when I started writing TMIL. Mysteries are hard. You have to make the unraveling of a mystery both inevitable and not obvious. Do you know how hard that is? It's hard. The best way to approach it that I've found is to (a) ask yourself periodically "what is the craziest thing that could happen right now?" and then try and retroactively make it work with the rest of the plot, and (b) allow the book to surprise you as you write it. There's one HUGE thing that happens at the end that I can't tell you about without totally spoiling it. But I never intended to have this particular thing happen. I didn't know it would happen until I was writing the chapter or two before it. Then it hit me out of the blue, and I was actually kind of afraid of it, which, of course, is how I knew it was absolutely the right thing to do. 

 ALICIA 3.) What was the most challenging, and the most enjoyable aspect of writing TRUST ME, I'M LYING, and why?

MARY: The most challenging part of writing TMIL was being able to write it all down as fast as Julep was telling it to me. I was driven to write and finish this book like I had never been for any of my previous manuscripts. I'm not sure if that shows it was meant to be, or that I'm starting to lose my marbles. LOL The most enjoyable aspect was writing the scenes between Julep and Sam, her best friend and partner. Their conversations flowed so easily, as if they really had been friends for nearly half their lives.

ALICIA 4.) Can you tell us five random things about you?

MARY: I attended Space Camp in high school (the same Space Camp from the movie). I'm allergic to dairy (it gives me a rash). I got my passport stolen once while I was sleeping on a beach in Israel. I went to a tiny all women's college in upstate New York. I love naps but I rarely get to take them. 

ALICIA 5.) Can you tell us a little bit about our main character, Julep Dupree, and what we can expect from her in TRUST ME, I'M LYING?


MARY: Julep's a tough cookie. It's really hard to pull the wool over her eyes, unless you're one of her closest friends (she has a self-admitted giant blind spot when it comes to people she knows). Her biggest complaint is not that she's poor (from her father's gambling addiction), or even that her mother left when she was eight (which does bother her from time to time), but that she doesn't really know who she is. If she can be anybody, then who is she when it counts? In the book, she finds out.

 ALICIA 6.) If you could describe TRUST ME, I'M LYING in 10 words, what would they be?

MARY: Grifter must find her father before his mark finds her.

 ALICIA Mary, it's been a blast having you here today! I'm excited to finally read TRUST ME, I'M LYING!!
MARY: Thanks so much for having me! It's been fun stealing a few moments of your time. ;-)

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