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Sage Release by Christina Channelle Book Blitz + Giveaway

"I know that - what we are. But why do you hate me?" Escape. It was the only word pounding through fallen angel Sage Cross' mind when her world came crashing in. Fallon was nothing but a painful memory, something she wanted - no, needed - to forget. Now she has a chance to let that part of her past go and be in a place where she can finally heal. A place where lamia and lapsus don't exist and she can just be ... Sage. But of course, it doesn't last.

Nothing ever lasts.

Her happily mediocre life with her cat familiar, Sunny, and best friends, Janie and Perkins, is nothing but a mirage. Especially when a brooding vampire - first name Adam, last name irrelevant - takes roots in her life. Someone who hates her for simply existing, yet she is unable to get him out of her mind. Or her heart. With her brother and friends in danger, Sage is the key to either ending it all or causing the destruction of not one, but two supernatural beings. Fallen angels. Lapsus. Vampires. Lamia. Who will survive? Sage, the final installment in the Blood Crave Series.



Adam walked to the entrance, opening the door. There was a second door requiring a buzzer entrance, so he walked over to the switchboard and randomly pressed a button.

“Hello?” someone answered through the intercom. The voice was light and slightly breathless, as if she’d just rushed from another room.

“Open the door,” Adam said, slowly and calmly. His voice was hoarse from lack of feeding, but his power was still intact. He could still influence a person on the other end of the line to do his bidding, even without the need to look them in the eyes.

One perk of dying brutally and becoming an immortal lamia.

The buzzer sounded almost instantly. Grabbing the handle, he swung the door open and made his way toward the elevator. He paused en route, eyeing the sloth-like concierge sitting at the front desk, snoring, protruding belly rising up and down to the rhythm of deep, noisy breathing, rattling almost. His tongue pressed lazily against the back of his throat, no doubt. There was zero possibility his sleeping could even qualify as rest with the amount of effort he displayed. Security?

I think not.

Continuing toward the elevator, Adam pressed the UP button and waited for the elevator to arrive. Upon the doors opening, he stepped inside and pushed the button for the nineteenth floor. The elevator ascended, doors opened, and he was left to stroll on to the empty floor.

It might have been empty, but noise was coming at Adam from all angles. He paused, hearing the voice of a male belting out ballads in the apartment down the hall. Next to that, a couple arguing in another language … Italian. He knew that a dog was home alone to the right of him and was probably desperate to find a tree; and by the smell of it, a couple of friends were lighting up low-grade illegal substances.

He rolled his lone eye and turned left, studying the suite numbers until he found the one he wanted. He stopped directly in front of it.


It didn’t look any different from the other doors, but this one had someone unique. Placing his right palm flat against the door, Adam sensed her presence within. Hand forming a fist, he gave a few light knocks.

And waited. 

https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22095666-dahlia https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17286583-fallen-tears https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17667395-rowan

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Yes, you are currently staring at a pair of shoes. Yes, Christina Channelle is shy. A dreamer, Christina holds two degrees in health sciences but has always had a passion for writing. You will find her reading other young adult novels, or typing a new story up on her computer. A TV junkie (Scandal and Walking Dead, anyone?) she has a close relationship to many characters, both fictional and real. She resides in Ontario, Canada.

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