Friday, September 5, 2014

Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers Trailer & Audiobook Review

Grave Mercy


Robin LaFevers


  1. I was very surprised at how much I loved Grave Mercy!! I just got Dark Triumph and I can't wait to dive in! *happy dance

    Eileen @ BookCatPin

    1. I know, I was too! To be honest, I thought Grave Mercy was not the kinda book I would like at all. But, I decided to finally give it a try because I received the last book as a surprise in the mail, so I figured I could give it an honest shot. And I was sooo surprised to find out how much I absolutely LOVED IT! :)

  2. You finally read it Alicia! Just wait until you read Dark Triumph. It will forever seal Robin LaFever's fate as one of your favorite authors. Sybella is amazing, and Beast is back. I am so glad that you read and loved this one. I absolutely adored this story and these amazing characters!

  3. I was also not expecting to love Grave Mercy. As much as I adored it (and I adored it a lot - the alternate history, the religion, the badass nun assassins trained in the art of seduction...), I loved the second one, Dark Triumph, even more!

    My only complaint, and I feel totally pervy saying this, but if the nuns are trained in the seductive arts, and there is SO MUCH sexual tension in the story, the fade to black when they actually (finally!) get to the loving is frustrating!

  4. I enjoyed the intrigue of this book. The writing was very well done. I still need to read the sequel now.

  5. I don'r usually like historical fiction, but I loved Grave Mercy and was caught up in all the intrigue and treachery!

  6. The story is one that I don't hear that often and when I do hear It stuns me to find how the author has spun it.


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