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A Whispered Darkness by Vanessa Barger Blog Tour: Guest Post + Giveaway

Welcome to my stop in A WHISPER DARKNESS by Blog Tour hosted by Month9Books. Today on my stop we have a Guest Post + an awesome Tour-Wide Giveaway.

 A Whispered Darkness
A Whispered Darkness

ublished: August 26, 2014
Publisher: Month9Books, LLC.

When Claire Mallory’s father leaves, her mom moves them to a new town and into a dilapidated Victorian house.

The old house creaks and whistles, and smells well — like it’s been abandoned for years. But as the nights grow longer and the shadows take on substance, Claire wonders if the strange sounds and occurrences might be more than the house showing its age.

Just as things start to pick up in Claire’s love life, her mother becomes possessed. In an attempt to save her mother and their new home, Claire enlists the help of two boys, each of whom is interested in Claire for different reasons. As she chooses one boy over the other, something dangerous is unleashed, and the spirits make their move.

They aren’t content to moan and scream inside Claire’s house, or even control her mom. They want a taste of freedom, and she’s their key to getting it. But is Claire strong enough to fight off the evil spirits, or will they claim her and her mom before it’s all over?

My Path Of Becoming An Author by

Thanks for letting me crash your blog today! I’m going to tell you about how I became an author. Brace yourselves – it isn’t that exciting. Lol.

I wish I could tell you that I was out walking and was suddenly struck by inspiration and ran home to pound out the Great American Novel that would become A WHISPERED DARKNESS.

It didn’t happen quite like that.

My parents love books, and they started me early. My mother loves to tell everyone the story about how I went in to meet my Kindergarten teacher before school started. I walked in the room, put my hands on my hips and asked (in my lovely West Virginia accent) “Do you teach readin’ here?”

I’ve gotten better. At least with the bold comments and accent. Though I still can’t say the word “roof” without students and friends giggling.

I read anything I could get my hands on, and started writing my own stories. The highlight of my elementary career was winning the Kindergarten level essay contest and getting to eat lunch with Norman Bridwell (the author of Clifford the Big Red Dog). I still have the newspaper photo. I would be the dork with her finger in her mouth.

From there, I just kept reading and writing. I have notebooks and board books of things I wrote. I loved creating my own worlds. I wrote my first novel in middle school. It shall never, NEVER, been seen by another soul on the planet. And yet I can’t bring myself to throw the binder with it away. In high school I was on the literary magazine staff all four years.. The last two I was editor. I even tried to submit things to be published. I didn’t do well, but I got a couple one line encouraging notes from magazine editors on the rejection letters that made me think I had a chance. Someday.

The college came and life got busy. I wrote fan fiction, which was fun. Then I started again, determined to take one of the files of snippets I’d written and finish something. It was an adult paranormal romance. It was fun, and eventually I decided adult wasn’t for me. I wrote my first YA novel, which never got published. But that novel, and the fun I had writing it sealed the deal. I’d always dreamed of being an author, but pushed it aside. With that novel I decided that writer would be my second job, and I would do my best to get published. I had three novels published as ebooks, and now I’m thrilled that A WHISPERED DARKNESS will be published in print. E-books aren’t bad, but there’s nothing like the thrill of holding a real book in your hands with your name on it.

The things I would tell you I’ve learned (but not necessarily actually put in action yet) are numerous. For this purpose, I’ll narrow it down to a few.

Never give up. It doesn’t matter if anyone else reads it, though I think every author wants someone to read and love it like they do. Write because you love it, and don’t stop. Even on the days when you don’t want to, make yourself do it.

Set a schedule. If you plan to make a career of this, treat it like one. Devote some real time to it. Schedule “writing office hours” and make yourself meet a word count goal. This is something I’m working on myself, and it’s hard. But it does pay off.

Have fun. Those two things make it sound like you should be sweating it out at your desk. And you should be working at it. But, at least for me, if writing becomes a chore, then it isn’t worth doing anymore. I want writing to be a job I look forward to everyday, even when it’s stressful. Not a chore that has to be done, like laundry or taking out the trash.

Last, WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN. Keep a writing journal. Carry (if you’re like me and have a commute) a digital recorder. You think you’ll remember that fabulous bit of dialogue that popped into your head during the board meeting? Think again.

I hope some of these helped you, and feel free to ask questions – I’d be happy to answer them. Barger was born in West Virginia, and through several moves ended up spending the majority of her life in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She is a graduate of George Mason University and Old Dominion University, and has degrees in Graphic Design, a minor in Medieval and Renaissance Literature, and a Masters in Technology Education. She has had articles published in Altered Arts Magazine, has had some artwork displayed in galleries in Ohio and online, and currently teaches engineering, practical physics, drafting and other technological things to high school students in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. She is a member of the SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) and the Virginia Writer's Club. When not writing or teaching, she’s a bookaholic, movie fanatic, and loves to travel. She has one cat, who believes Vanessa lives only to open cat food cans, and can often be found baking when she should be editing.

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