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A Slither Of Hope by Lisa M. Basso Blog Tour: Guest Post + Giveaway


Welcome to my stop in A SLITHER OF HOPE Blog Tour hosted by Month9Books. Today on my stop we have a Guest Post by author  Lisa M. Basso + an awesome Tour-Wide Giveaway!

 A Slither Of Hope


A Slither Of Hope
Lisa M. Basso
(Angel Sight #2)
Published: August 5th, 2014 

Rayna struggles to piece her life back together, but hiding in plain sight from the police, the SS Crazy, and the Fallen isn’t a foolproof plan—something Kade, the World’s Worst Roommate, reminds her of everyday. The late nights of failing to teach Ray how to protect herself against the Fallen are getting to Kade, changing him in ways he doesn’t like, and after a family emergency sends Ray back into Cam’s arms, Kade decides he’s had enough. News of Rayna’s resurfacing brings both angels and the Fallen to San Francisco by the dozens, all eyes scouring the city for the girl with the gray wings. Rayna will need both Kade and Cam’s help to ensure her family’s safety, navigate the new dangers and enemies springing up all over the city, and manage the surprises that arise with her new set of wings.

Check Out The Rest Of The Series!

My path to becoming an author.
My path to becoming an author was a bumpy one. I first started writing as a pre-teen. It all began as an outlet for my very doom and gloom years. I continued writing off-and-on through the early part of high school, but come junior year, I stalled out. It wasn’t until almost ten years ago (yes, ten) that I picked up the book I had started writing years before. I read the entire thing and a case of giddiness came over me. Butterflies danced around in my stomach. Ideas sprang up everywhere. I decided I needed to finish it. So, I took a few months, and I did. From then on I was hooked. There was no hope for me to love anything as much as I loved writing.

I’m always amazed by the stories of authors who published their first book with little hassle. This is not the way most of our stories will go. Rejection is a big part of this industry, and it will get you down. It’s okay to have feelings about your writing—it’s personal to you. But just remember, the rejections aren’t personal. For some of us, the struggle is just part of the journey.

Writing may be a very solitary activity, but not everyone can succeed on their own. Find a writing friend, critique partner, or group to help you improve and learn the things you can’t by yourself. Maybe you can teach them something too. Also, if you can, take a workshop, writing class, or attend a writing conference. Dive into the wells of knowledge with an open mind and fresh notebook. I’ve never regretted a single workshop or conference I’ve attended. Classes and conferences vary in price, some can be affordable while others require a bit of saving. Just remember, do what feels right for you.

Through my journey, I wrote and rewrote, shelved novels, and wrote more. I also read. As much as I could get my hands on. While I have many books that might never see the light of day, I know I will never give up on this dream—on this career. These three rules—write, read, and never give up—are the best advice I can give an aspiring author.

Lisa M. BassoLisa M. Basso was born and raised in San Francisco, California. She is a lover of books, video games, animals, and baking (not baking with animals though). As a child she would crawl into worlds of her own creation and get lost for hours. Her love for YA fiction started with a simple school reading assignment: S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders. When not reading or writing she can usually be found at home with The Best Boyfriend Fiancé that Ever Lived ™ and her two darling (and sometimes evil) cats, Kitties A and B.

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  1. hi thank you for the giveaway the book looks great thank you

  2. Writing may be a very solitary activity, but not everyone can succeed on their own. Find a writing friend, critique partner, or group to help you improve and learn the things you can’t by yourself.

    Yes! This is what I need...and to make myself carve out time in every day for writing.

  3. The book slither of hope sounds very engaging, I would be interested in reading this series. Thank you

  4. Sounds like a great series and I can't wait to get started!!


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