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Copper Ravens by Jennifer Allis Provost Blog Tour: Guest Post + Giveaway

Welcome to my stop in the COPPER RAVENS Blog Tour hosted by ROCKSTAR BOOK TOURS! Today on my stop we have a Guest Post + an awesome Tour-Wide Giveaway!

 Copper Ravens

Copper Ravens


Sara should be happy.

She has what every girl wants: a man who loves her, a beautiful home, and wealth beyond imagining. She rescued her brother from the Peacekeepers, destroyed the Iron Queen, and doesn’t have to go to her boring job any more.

And yet… Sara still doesn’t know if her father is alive or dead. Her mother hides in the garden, brooding about her missing husband. Her sister, the Inheritor of Metal, is scared of her own shadow, and her brother spends his days fighting and gambling. To add to Sara’s misery, the new queen (gold, of course) is more than a bit crazy, she misses her life in the Mundane world, and, worst of all, Micah wants to have children. A lot of them.

As Sara wavers between happiness and homesickness, a conspiracy emerges against the Raven clan, implicating them in a plot to dethrone the Gold Queen. How can Sara prove her family’s innocence, and become the consort Micah needs her to be, without losing herself in the process?

**Elemental Magic**

The major magic system in the Copper series is elemental magic. Basically, an Elemental one who is born with a certain affinity for one of the five elements: water, earth, air, fire, or metal. The element will manifest as a mark somewhere on the Elemental’s body. For instance, our heroine, Sara Corbeau, is a metal Elemental, and bears a copper raven across her lower back. 

Micah, Sara’s consort, is the Lord of Silver, and his

 mark resembles a set of silver wings.

While Sara is a copper girl, she can affect all types of metal. She can reshape it, melt it down, and throw it all with a thought. Micah, being that he’s been using his abilities longer and is therefore stronger than Sara, can lift several hundred pounds of metal at a time, such as when he sent seven iron warriors hurtling through the air. He also taught Sara to travel via what he calls the metal pathways; basically, he skates along the vein of silver that rests beneath his home in the Whispering Dell. As awesome as that is, Sara still misses her car.

As for Elementals other than metal, the only one Sara knows well is the Bright Lady of the Clear Pool, who is, you guessed it, marked by water. She doesn’t have any gills, but she does have a fall of pale blue hair that resembles a waterfall.

Are there other forms of magic in Sara’s world? Oh, absolutely. For instance, Sara’s mother, Maeve, is the queen of the Seelie Court, and the Wood Witch, who lives behind the Whispering Dell’s orchards, is a nature spirit. But, to learn how these and other strains of magic come into play, you’ll have to wait for Copper Princess J

Thank you for letting me stop by!

Jennifer Allis Provost is a native New Englander who lives in a sprawling colonial along with her beautiful and precocious twins, a dog, two birds, three cats, and a wonderful husband who never forgets to buy ice cream. As a child, she read anything and everything she could get her hands on, including a set of encyclopedias, but fantasy was always her favorite. She spends her days drinking vast amounts of coffee, arguing with her computer, and avoiding any and all domestic behavior.


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