Monday, April 21, 2014

Uncovering Cobbogoth by Hannah L. Clark Trailer Reveal + Giveaway

Uncovering Cobbogoth

 Uncovering Cobbogoth
(Cobbogoth #1)
Hannah L. Clark
Published: May 13, 2014

Genres: YA, Fantasy, Mythology

Norah Lukens needs to uncover the truth about the fabled lost city of Cobbogoth. After her archaeologist uncle’s murder, Norah is asked to translate his old research journal for evidence and discovers that his murder was a cover-up for something far more sinister.

When she turns to neighbor and only friend James Riley for help, she realizes that not only is their bitter-sweet past haunting her every step, but James is keeping dangerous secrets. Can Norah discover what they are before its too late to share her own.

$20 Amazon Gift Card & ear cuff

Hannah L. Clark is the author of the YA fantasy-adventure "Uncovering Cobbogoth." It is the first book in a planned 7 book series. It will be released by Cedar Fort Publishing on May 13, 2014.

Hannah lives in Pleasant Grove, UT with her husband and son.

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  1. I've never read anything by this author before but this looks great - I love a good fantasy book. And the cover is really cool...very eye-catching! Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway :)

    1. This author is new to me also. But this cover caught my eye, and I had to sign up to reveal the trailer! Fantasy is quickly becoming my new favorite genre!

      Thanks for stopping by, and good luck in the giveaway! :)

  2. I'm excited to read this book. I read a lot of fantasy and I;m always looking for new authors of this genre. Thanks!!

    1. I've always liked fantasy, but it wasn't my go to genre, that was dystopian. But I'm getting burnt out on dystopian, and fantasy is quickly taking it's place. This book looks really good too!

      Thanks for stopping by, Sheila! :)


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