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Emily's Heart By Natalie Wright Blog Tour + Giveaway

Welcome to my stop in the EMILY'S HEART Blog Tour hosted by YA Bound Book Tours! Today we have a Excerpt from Emily's Heart By , and a awesome Giveaway!


Emily's Heart 
(Akasha Chronicles #3)
Published: November 26th, 2013
Genres: YA, Fantasy

The long-awaited final book in this popular magickal, action-packed teen series! Seventeen-year-old Emily Adams unintentionally unleashed a shadow god's dark energy power into the world and started an Apocalypse. But Emily is also the only one that can end the dark god's reign. Though the powerful faerie magic of the golden torc is still coiled around her arm, self-doubt threatens to undo her.

Emily wants nothing more than to feel the soft kiss of her one true love, but he won't even speak to her. Her first crush is still quite dead and her best friend remains a prisoner in the dark god's house of nightmares. A growing legion of black-eyed shadow people, devoid of conscience, roam the streets. Emily needs help now more than ever, but redemption seems far off indeed as she faces the expanding darkness alone. Emily will need an army of her own if she is to save the world from being taken over by pure evil.

But will a small band of Lucent geeks and freaks be enough to send the dark god packing? Amidst chaos and ruin, will love blossom in Emily's Heart?
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Ciardha traveled as a dark wisp for weeks and gathered into himself the plentiful Lucent Energy that abounded amongst the human population. In her close-minded naiveté, his sister had gifted Lucent Energy to the humans she so adored. The humans called it love. Ciardha called it dinner. His powers grew strong on the feast as he converted the Lucent Energy into Dark Energy.

In his wisp form, Ciardha floated on the air currents and observed humans as they slept and ate, as they rode the bus and worked at their desks. He skulked in the dark corners of bars and in the shadows on the street. When he first arrived, he hid from the humans. But he soon learned that even when he hovered before their eyes in the brightest light of day, human eyes seemed not to see him.

While his power grew merely from feeding on the negative emotion he felt around him, Ciardha wanted more. I shall have so much more.

“I must walk among them,” he thought to Dorcha.

Dorcha had never known the power of speech. In her animal form she could only bray or let out her shrill whinny in response to her master. In her wisp form she knew not how to form her thoughts and send them to her master.

“You need not answer me,” Ciardha thought to her. “You are without the intelligence necessary to provide insight to me, anyway.”

Ciardha drifted in the lengthening shadows of a downtown twilight as he watched for a suitable body.

“There, getting out of that vehicle. He is strong. Full of power. And my sister’s energy is weak with him. Yes, he shall do nicely.”

Ciardha’s mark was a man of no more than thirty, tall and slim, with dark brown hair and molten chocolate eyes. His jaw was angular, his lips thin. The man was dressed in a black leather coat, which made his pale skin nearly glow in the first dark of night. The man placed his hand into the hand of the valet, smoothly passing along a large bill for the promise of a watchful eye over his luxury vehicle.

Ciardha’s wisp closed the gap between himself and the target nearly instantaneously. He had only to desire to be merged with the essence of that which animated the man’s body and it was so.

Ciardha felt a small resistance, like a hand pressing against him. But it lasted only a moment. Ciardha used the man’s mind to envision the intense power that Ciardha knew he would soon possess in this land filled with Lucent Energy. Like a snow fort melting in the midday sun, the man’s resistance gave way, and Ciardha possessed him fully.

“Follow me,” he thought to Dorcha.

A doorman held the large, glass door to the hotel open for him, and Ciardha walked stiffly through it and entered the marble-floored lobby. He felt confined by the fleshy form that was his new home. Have I but imprisoned myself again? It was a great annoyance to have to use legs to walk rather than zip from place to place on the wind, no effort at all. As he pushed the button beside the elevator to go up, his arm felt heavy. While he had appeared as a human in the Umbra Perdita, that body was but a façade, an illusion of form. How do humans suffer these ponderous mounds of flesh merely for the sake of existence?

The sentient being that still resided inside Ciardha’s new body knew where to go. It guided him as he walked down a hallway, turned left and approached a door. Ciardha reached into the pocket inside his coat and removed a plastic card. He watched as his hand pushed the card into a slot in the door. He heard a small beep and a click, then he turned the handle and pushed the door open.

Ciardha entered a dimly lit room. As he scanned it, he saw a table with two chairs and a long piece of dark wood furniture on which rested a large rectangle that spoke and displayed moving pictures. In the middle of the room was a large sleeping platform. And on the sleeping platform rested a creature that Ciardha’s human form found pleasing to gaze upon.

The woman was young, no more than twenty. Her pale face was surrounded by long, straight, nearly black hair with a bright pink stripe down one side. Her eyes were icy blue orbs over full, pink lips.

She raised herself from the bed, and as she walked to Ciardha, her slim hips swayed beneath the champagne-colored silk gown she wore. Her small breasts were high and firm. The gown was cut so that most of her small breasts were revealed save for the buds of her nipples that stood out under the light silk of her gown.

Ciardha felt a sensation in this body that he had never felt before. It started in his loins and spread to his stomach. Ciardha felt the organ in his chest pound slightly harder, his breath became more labored, his face felt hot. Ciardha judged the sensations he experienced in this human body to be pleasant in a way he had not imagined was possible.

“Master,” the woman said in a husky voice.

“You called me master,” he said to the woman. “You know of me?”

“Of course I know you, Master. I’ve waited here for you all day as you commanded. And I’ve grown so lonely.”

She is speaking to this human body. This body is master of this woman. I chose well indeed. Perhaps he is master of more as well.

“What is my name?” Ciardha asked.

“Master,” the woman said. She stood less than two feet away, and she undid the strings of her gown that had been tied behind her neck. The small slip of fabric that had covered her breasts fell to her waist, revealing a slim waist and more of her pale, pink skin.

“What do others call me? What is my given name?”

“You told me never to speak it,” she said as she moved closer. Her attempt at a kiss was interrupted as Ciardha’s hand hit her hard across the face. Ciardha heard the woman whimper from the pain. He looked forward to the surge of delicious energy he would feel from her hurt and fear. But the lovely surge of dark thoughts never came. Instead, she seemed to transmute her feelings of fear and pain into a feeling of adoration for her master.

This body will be a more than suitable home for Dorcha. It already understands its subservient place.

“I command you. Speak to me my given name only this one time.”

The woman quickly obeyed. “Daniel,” she said. “Daniel Roberts.”

Ciardha reached for the woman’s flawless face, and he ran a finger around the red mark that he’d made on her cheek. Her skin was smooth and warm beneath his touch.

“Do you live to serve me?”

“Yes, Daniel,” she said.

Ciardha’s hand slid quickly from her cheek to her throat. He squeezed, and as he did, he felt the heat from his loins grow more intense as he watched her face grow red from the pressure he applied to her throat.

“I gave you permission to use that name but once. You will call me master.”

“Yes, Master,” she rasped. “Please, Master. I beg of you. Release me. Please. I’m going to pass out.”

“Begging is very unbecoming.” Ciardha watched her eyes grow wide with fear and surprise.

Ciardha squeezed harder and watched as she gasped for air and clutched at his hand, trying to free her airway from the pressure. Within a few minutes Ciardha felt her cease to fight as she passed out and slumped to the floor.

“Dorcha, come to me,” Ciardha said.

Dorcha emerged from the shadowed corner. Her black wisp pulsed with excitement.

“Do not allow yourself attachment to this body that I gift you, Dorcha. It is but a temporary home. In this human form I will move among them and gather around me an army of bodies robbed of my sister’s Lucent Energy. With my Dark Energy legion, it will take very little time to turn this floating rock completely Dark. And when I have devoured the last of the Lucent Energy here, we shall move to the next Lucent planet and do the same. Now merge with this human before it revives and attempts to fight you.”

The wisp hovered by the woman’s torso briefly, then disappeared. Within a few minutes, the woman coughed, and her hand instinctively reached for her sore neck. She rubbed at it lightly.

Dorcha opened the mouth of her host body and attempted to speak the first words she would say since her creation many millennia ago. But though she moved her lips and tongue in an effort at speech, no words came from her mouth. She was without a voice.

“Do not pout, Dorcha. You did not think that I would allow you to keep that annoying voice, did you?”

Without speech or even the whinny that she previously possessed, Dorcha could only sit in silence at her master’s feet. Her neck still throbbed with pain.

“You exist for one purpose, Dorcha. As we journey amongst these beings, do not forget your place.

Ciardha knelt and ran his finger across Dorcha’s brow. Beneath her brow, the eyes that a few minutes before had been icy blue had become a black void, evidence of Dorcha’s residence inside. Ciardha traced the outline of her lips.

“You exist solely to serve me,” he said. Ciardha crushed his lips against Dorcha’s full ones. He parted her lips with his tongue and darted it into her mouth. Ciardha felt the heat of Dorcha’s body rise to meet his own.

He trailed a finger down Dorcha’s neck and across her chest. He pulled away from their kiss and watched Dorcha’s newly black eyes grow wide, her lips parted slightly, and he felt her shiver as his finger traced a circle around her small breast.

“These human bodies are good for only one thing,” Ciardha said. He lifted Dorcha’s long but lean body into his arms and laid her on the sleeping platform. Ciardha kept Dorcha in the room for many hours as he taught her the pleasure, and pain, of her new body.

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  2. Thanks for introducing me to this series, I've added the entire series to my TBR.. sounds like it'll be a great read. And the cover is awesome, that's what actually got my attention in this post.. thanks again for sharing!

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