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Cured By Bethany Wiggins Blog Tour + Giveaway

Welcome to my stop in the CURED Blog Tour hosted by Bloomsbury! Today we have a Interview with author , and a awesome Giveaway!



Bethany Wiggins
(Stung #2)
Published: March 4th, 2014
Genres: YA, Dystopian, Sci-f
Now that Fiona Tarsis and her twin brother, Jonah, are no longer beasts, they set out to find their mother, with the help of Bowen and a former neighbor, Jacqui. Heading for a safe settlement rumored to be in Wyoming, they plan to spread the cure along the way--until they are attacked by raiders. Luckily, they find a new ally in Kevin, who saves them and leads them to safety in his underground shelter. But the more they get to know Kevin, the more they suspect he has ties to the raiders. He also seems to know too many details about Jacqui and her family—details that could endanger them all. For the raiders will do anything they can to destroy the cure that would bring an end to their way of life. 

Bethany Wiggins’s reimagining of our world after an environmental catastrophe won’t fail to stun readers.
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See my 5 Star Review Of STUNG, Book 1 HERE!

ALICIA: Hi Bethany, I am SO excited to have you on Addicted Readers today! :)

Thank you, Alicia. It is an honor.

ALICIA: 1. I have to tell you that STUNG was one of my favorite books last year! :) Can you tell us what was the best part of writing this series, and would you change any part of it if you could, and if so, what would that be and why?

 BETHANY: I am so glad you liked STUNG. The best part of writing this series was creating some characters that show us what it means to truly love someone--that they would lay down their lives for another person--and getting to share that with thousands of other people. I put my heart and soul into this series and there is nothing I would change.

 ALICIA: 2. The bee's in STUNG were fascinating. I never knew just how much the bee's played into our society until I read your book STUNG. Can you tell us first what inspired you to want to use bee's as the reasoning of societies downfall in this series? And how much time, work, and researcher went into creating a believable story built around the bee's?

BETHANY: I chose the disappearing bees as the world's downfall because they really are disappearing! I think adding an element of truth to a story makes it easier to relate to. Also, it helps draw attention to the problem of the disappearing bees. I didn't do a whole lot of research because I took the idea of the bees disappearing and then made it into my own fictional creation.

  ALICIA: 3. What would you say was the most challenging part about writing either book in the STUNG series, and what made it a challenge?

BETHANY: The most challenging part of writing the STUNG series was writing CURED. I had a new baby when I wrote it, and finding the time and energy to get it done was so difficult! I remember sitting at the computer after the kids were in bed and literally forcing the story out of myself. It was almost painful! But I did it. And now I have another new baby (my fifth). I'm not currently writing anything. :)

 ALICIA: 4. CURED was one of my most anticipated books of 2014. But I have to admit, I was very surprised to see that the Point of View has changed in CURED. Why did you feel it was important to switch POV's in CURED, and which Perspective did you enjoy writing more, Fiona or Jack/Jacqui and why?

BETHANY: I switched points of view in CURED because Jacqui--CURED's main character--had experienced four years of society's downfall, while Fiona--STUNG's main character--had not. Fiona told her whole story in STUNG. I needed to tell the missing part of the story, and I was able to do that through Jacqui's point of view. Jacqui was also more enjoyable to write because I relate to her a little more.

  ALICIA: 5. So this is the end of the STUNG series and I'm sad to say goodbye, but I know I must. What can we look forward to from you in the future, and do you think you'll write another Dystopian book/series (I HOPE?)

BETHANY: As I mentioned earlier, I just had baby #5 so I am taking a little writing break so that I don't go insane. But I will definitely write again! I'm quirky, though. Inspiration has to hit, and then whatever story has struck, that is what gets put onto paper. I don't know what genre it will be, but it will be from the heart, and hopefully it will be great! 

fun question:

ALICIA: 6. You awake in the world of STUNG, just as Fiona did to find your world in mayhem. What is your initial reaction, and what would you do or think if you looked upon your hand to find a black oval with five marks on either side? Would you willingly follow the dangerous Fecs into the sewers or seek answers above ground? But most important, would YOU Bethany, survive in the world of STUNG? Why or why not?

BETHANY: I would freak out! And yes, out of desperation I would follow the Fec into the sewer. I don't think I would be half as trusting as Fiona, though. As for survival, YES! Yes, I would survive. I am smart and I am determined--two qualities that would get me through the worst of situations. 

 ALICIA: Bethany it has been an honor to have you on my blog Addicted Readers, and I look forward to more of your books in the future!

BETHANY: Again, thank you for having me. 

Thanks to the wonderful people at
Bloomsbury, I have an finished copy of CURED by to give away to ONE US Winner! :)


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Bethany Wiggins has always been an avid reader, but not an avid student. Seriously! She failed ninth grade English because she read novels instead of doing her homework. In high school, she sat alone at lunch and read massive hardback fantasy novels (Tad Williams and Robert Jordan anyone?). It wasn't until the end of her senior year that the other students realized she was reading fiction--not the Bible

Once upon a time, Bethany's sister dared her to start writing an hour a day until she completed a novel. Bethany wrote a seven-hundred page fantasy novel that she wisely let no one read--but it taught her how to write. Since then she has penned SHIFTING (2011), STUNG (2013), and CURED (2014).


Shifting Stung Cured


  1. This book sounds great! Thanks for the giveaway!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. The first book, STUNG was AMAZING! I mean I LOVED it! It was my favorite book of last year! Well, very, VERY close to being my favorite! ;)

  2. Cured sounds like a fantastic read!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

    1. I can't wait to start CURED! But STUNG, the first book is a MUST READ! It was truly original and amazing! :)

  3. I still need to read Stung!! I have the it, but I've had so many books that I had to review first. I'm going to read it next so I can enjoy Cured next =D

    1. I know the feeling! I have SO many great books on my shelf & tablet, and I know they are probably amazing, but I haven't read them because there is just too many good books! Sometimes it's so hard to choose which one to read first! :)

  4. Just finished's fab. Can't wait to read Cured!!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!!!!

    1. I just picked the winner for the CURED Blog tour and you were randomly picked! So CONGRATS Traci!

      Enjoy! :)


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