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Final Life by Rose Garcia Author Highlight


Nothing sucks more than being forced to move cross country during senior year. And Dominique Wells doesn't think things can get any worse until she's invited to a quirky neighbor's party. When pressured into playing a magical card game, Dominique's world goes from sucky to terrifying. She begins having visions of a red desert and an evil presence--a presence who hints at past lives and promises to kill her.

Plagued by fear and suspicion, and unaware of a family secret kept hidden from her, Dominique is determined to live. Together with a mysterious and gorgeous guy who's moved in while his parents are away, and a hot, popular guy from school, Dominique must seek clues to her past if she's to survive. That, and keep her emotions in check for the two guys she suddenly can't stop thinking about because if she doesn't, she'll be dead. For real.

"Rose Garcia will explode your mind with action packed scenes and emotional turmoil.” - Moonlight Book Reviews

"The whole transhuman concept had the whole Sci-Fi/Fantasy element going on, yet Rose Garcia has written it in a way that is both fresh and believable, with the classic good versus evil theme incorporated." - Always YA at Heart

"Final Life is filled with magical moments, heart aching moments, action, and suspense. I look forward to the next chapter of Dominique's story." 

- WinterHaven Books

Top 10 Reasons we as readers should read Final Life… 
(In no particular order)

10. Action-packed story line: Final Life is full of non-stop action. In the opening scene, Dominique, the main character, plays a magical card game that sparks a series of supernatural events in her life. One event leads to another and another until you think poor Dominique can’t take much more.

9. Real life emotions: Dominique is a real girl with real emotions. She’s fearful about what’s happening to her and then, when secrets are revealed, she’s angry. These emotions propel her and shape her decisions. And even though she’s protected by a super gorgeous guy, she never lets her guard down because too much weirdness is happening to her. Ultimately, Final Life is a story of survival, and that’s her main goal.

8. Ghosts, Ouija boards, and Magical Card Games: I believe in the paranormal and the idea that supernatural events are very real. I’ve had a ghost haunt my first home, I’ve had a creepy Ouija board experience, and I’ve even had a card reading almost a decade ago that still freaks me out. I wanted these elements to be a part of Dominique’s journey, and they are!

7. Major Suspense: With ghosts and Ouija boards and magical card games comes suspense. MAJOR SUSPENSE! Be warned: you might be left on the edge of your seat, or unable to sleep at night.

6. H-Town, Baby: Dominique is from Elk Rapids, Michigan and moves to Houston, Texas at the beginning of the book. I’m from Houston and I love this city, and the city almost becomes a character in Final Life. There are scenes that take place at Rice University, and an old Rice professor who’s also a historic figure plays a major role in the mystery as to why Dominique and her family moved to Houston in the first place.

5. Transhumans: There are no vampires, wolves, angels, or faeries in Final Life. Instead, there are Transhumans. Transhumanism is a real concept that has to do with man transcending his ability. I explain this phenomenon as human beings who are able to control their entire brain. This control leads to the ability to manipulate the energy in and around you. Cool, huh?

4. Kick-ass best friend: When Dominique moves to Houston, she befriends her neighbor Infiniti. Infiniti is way cool. She’s a free spirit who loves the supernatural and all things connected to it. She also loves hot Cheeto’s and root beer. But the best thing about Infiniti is her loyalty to Dominique.

3. Two amazing guys: The first is Farrell—a tall, blonde, hot, mysterious guy who moves in with Dominique’s family when his parents go away on an extended business trip. The second is Trent—a hot, tan, blue-eyed Hispanic guy from school who immediately falls for Dominique. They both play a vital role in Dominique’s quest for survival.

2. Complete resolution: Final Life has an ending that completely wraps up the story. Yes, a final resolution to Final Life. lol

1. But…there’s more: While the story wraps up nicely, there’s more to learn about the mystery surrounding Dominique’s final life. The sequel is Final Stand and is slated for release on March 6th!

Rose Garcia is a lawyer turned writer who's always been fascinated by science fiction and fantasy. From a very young age, she often had her nose buried in books about other-worlds, fantastical creatures, and life and death situations. More recently she's been intrigued by a blend of science fiction and reality, and the idea that some supernatural events are, indeed, very real. Fueled by her imagination, she created The Transhuman Chronicles--a series of books about people who have overcome human limitations.

Rose lives in Houston with her husband and two kids. You can visit Rose at


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