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The Witch Hunter Trailer & Review


 The Witch Hunter
Nicole R. Taylor
(The Witch Hunter #1)
Published: March 20th, 2013
Genres: YA, Fantasy, Paranormal
I was born into the world covered in blood, and that’s exactly the way I left it.
Ever since, I have been damned to walk the boundary between life and death alone. Unwillingly turned and left to my nightmare, I have seen men commit countless horrors and committed many of my own.

My origins shall remain unknown, my true self hidden. I have been called by many names, but in this life I am known as the Witch Hunter. I have been asleep these past 150 years, until I was awoken by a haunting call.

Zachary Degaud was twenty three when he died. The problem was, he didn’t stay that way.
Present day, he’s just another vampire with another unremarkable story. That is, until he manages to provoke a two thousand year old witch named Katrin, who wants to make him pay in the most horrible way imagined.

 Along with his brother Sam, newly made vampire Liz and their only witch ally, Gabby, his only chance for survival is to summon the ancient and unpredictable vampire known as the Witch Hunter.

 Zac is just looking for a way out of his psychopathic witch problems, but instead will find himself falling head first into a blood feud that has stretched thousands of years.
Aya has been asleep for the past 150 years, until she was awoken by a haunting call. The witch she has been hunting for thousands of years, Katrin, has resurfaced and marked a young, annoyingly arrogant vampire by the name of Zachary Degaud. Unless she does something, he will die a slow and painful death. He has given her an opportunity to end the witch, but does she want to help him or leave him to his fate?

 Zac will get under her skin like no one else has and she just might find herself making the ultimate sacrifice before he is gone forever.

 They will both have to choose sides and look deep within themselves before the end. But, what Zac learns about himself, will surprise him most of all.
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 I received a copy of this in exchange for my honest opinion. Everything you are about to read is my full and honest opinion about the book!

Oh, Wow! That's how this book left me feeling! It was AMAZING! I really enjoyed every minute of this book! This new and AMAZING author has created a story unlike anything I have EVER read! Truly epic!

Okay, So here's the Plot....

The newly turn Vampire Zac is celebrating his 117th birthday at a bar drinking it up like usual (Which 117 years isn't old for being a vampire) when he is approached from a older vampire that demands information about a woman with black hair blues eyes. But Zac being the hard-ass that he is tells him pretty much to go fu*k himself! Well that piss the older and stronger vampire off. And not only does he piss the vampire off, but he also manges to piss a very old and powerful Witch named Katrin off as well! The powerful Witch vowels to give Zac a very slow and painful death!

So now with Zac having some very powerful enemy's he has nothing else to do but to turn to his own newly developed Witch named Gabby. But Gabby can only think of one thing to do. Summons the Witch Hunter! And that is where this book gets good!

Aya being the one known as the Witch Hunter has been in a slummber for 150 years. But when the call comes she is awakened out of her sleep. She must find the ones who called her and why. She is the hunter but that don't stop others from hunting her as well. So Aya is unsure if this hunting call is a
setup from the ones she was hunting before her sleep. She must decide if Zac is worth saving or if she should leave him to his own demise.

The writing is unique and very well written. It flowed from chapter to chapter was ease and understanding. Everything fit well in the story and was very believable. I really liked the characters. I especially like Zac and Aya. They were my favorite. Zac was the arrogant, know it all type of guy, but it fit well with who he was! And Aya was just amazing! I loved her SO MUCH! She was the harcore type of chic that could overcome just about anything. While being the strong tough girl that she is, she also has a very large heart that she just learns how to use when she meets her new friends!

Great book to a new series! The ending BLOW ME AWAY!!!! We have a serious cliffhanger that will have you wanting to scream! But will have you longing for more!

Overall its worth 4 Solid stars, maybe even more! I am Eager to see what Nicole has in-store for the coming series. I know it's going to be great, like this one!

 4 Bone Hearts

Nicole R. TaylorNicole R. Taylor is a Paranormal, Urban Fantasy and Contemporary Romance author from country Victoria, Australia.
Previously, she has written for various small street press music and entertainment publications as a gig and album reviewer before publishing her first Urban Fantasy novel in early 2013.
When she isn't writing, Nicole likes to spend time curled up with a good book and her 3 year old rescue cat, Burger. She gets itchy feet more often than not and has lived in three countries and travelled to three times as many.

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  1. Great to hear it was well written. I do like the sound of how Zac developes

  2. I just found my next book I want to read thanks to you witches and vampires and all that emotion just my kind of book. Thanks for reviewing it and sharing

  3. This sounds good. The first line of the synopsis, made me want to read it. And your review even more so. So, thank you. And it is free on Amazon, so that is even better!

  4. I've heard a lot of good things about this series and i was glad when I saw you reviewed it! I'm reading this one this weekend, thanks for sharing!!

  5. I do have read a couple of witch hunter books. The difference with them is the characters and the plot. I like the Synopsis and how it was written.


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