Wednesday, December 18, 2013

12 Days Of Christmas #1, 2, 3, 4

12 Days of Christmas Swap
Hey everyone and Welcome to my 12 days of Christmas Swap Present Opening!

What am I rambling on about? Well I'll tell you! :D
I signed-up to be apart of the 12 day of Christmas Swap. What is it you ask? Its where you have to buy, make, or find 12 different presents for your assigned Swap Partner, for he/she to open on each day of the12 days remaining until Christmas! :D

Sound cool? It is!

Now, I had planned to do a post each day with one gift, but since my package arrived late, I'll have to do Day #1-#4 in this intinal post, and Day # 5 & 6 in tomorrows post, then 1 post for each present reaming until Christmas!

So in the Picture below, it shows everything I received all still wrapped up in it's shinny green Christmas wrapping paper! My Swap partner marked each present with a day number to indicate what present she wanted me to open on that day! She also left either a little note, or a clue to what's inside! I wish I would of done that when I sent her mine!! But this is my first year, so I'm still a rookie at what to do. But next year I'll be better prepared!

Beautiful Huh?

In this Picture it's has Day #1- #4 all opened


 Day #1-
A Card, with a beautiful homemade bookmark

Day #2-
A  fresh smelling Yankee Candle

Day #3-
3 Cute packs of Cards

Day #4
Shinny, Glittery,  Lip Gloss

THANK YOU to my 12 Days Of Christmas Swap partner Angie Over @ My So-Called Chaos

I hope you enjoyed todays post and will come back for tomorrows, Day #5 & 6 in the 12 Days Of Christmas!!!



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