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Teaser Tuesday #26


Teaser Tuesday 
is a weekly bookish meme hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading following:
  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share 2 "teaser" sentences from somewhere on that page
  • BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! Make sure that what you share doesn't give too much away! You don't want to ruin the book for others!
  • Share the Author & Title too, so that other TT participants can add the book to the TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

  Hey Guys,
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend?
 I have had the craziest weekend! I wasn't able to get anything I wanted to get done this weekend! No reading, NO bloggingnot even any of my  reviews that are way past due! And yesterday, I get the bright idea to purchase my first blog design, as if I didn't have enough to deal with!  And UGH, I am having the hardest time customizing it! So if my blog looks crazy for a couple days, PLEASE work with me as I am new to all this and trying to get everything formatted  the right way!

Pheww...I really just need to take a breather, and put everything aside for a while, and regroup! Yeah, like that'll happen...lol! Well I'm sorry this Teaser is so late today, I had to do the whole post this morning, instead of having it done days in advance like I usually do. So this weeks post will be slim to none or just behind slightly. But all should go back to normal around here HOPEFULLY by next week! :-)

  Happy Reading :-)

Here's My #26 Teaser Tuesday From Dark Horizons!

Dark Horizons
 By: Krystle Jones
Author: Krystle Jones
Publisher: Pesante Press 
Published: 12-1-12
Genre: YA, Vampires

She will risk everything to save his life.When seventeen-year-old vampire hunter Sloane McAllister went into the Red Sector to look for her brother, she never expected to meet vampire commander Aden Knight. She definitely never meant to fall in love with him. And she never thought she’d call the vampires her friends, or that to save them she would defy the one person she swore to always protect: her maniacal twin brother, Orion.

After thwarting her brother’s plan to wipe out all vampires with a super virus, she thinks she may at last catch a break – until Aden grows ill, and she’s thrown into prison for treason. But a jail cell can’t compare to the thought of losing Aden forever. The brilliant vampire doctor Paris De Lange thinks she can manufacture a cure, but she’ll need Orion’s blood to do so. There’s just one problem – Orion has escaped.

Now, if Sloane has any hope of saving Aden’s life, she must travel to the surface and bring her brother to justice. But the White Sectors are far from safe. Revolution is brewing, and the control of the White Sector governments grows unstable as the Black Cross Guild creates anarchy in the streets, clashing with the Scarlet Guard and making them increasingly more aggressive. They do have one thing in common – they both want Sloane, dead or alive.

With the world rising up against her, Sloane must rely on old enemies that become new allies, uncover the mysteries surrounding her heritage, and conquer her inner demons before the virus has time to claim the man who’s stolen her heart.

New Adult Addiction   New Adult Addiction
Teaser One
Chapter 2 Pg.24

How long does he have?" I asked, turning back to Paris.

Her eyes flickered to Aden, studying him, "I don't know for certain, Since Orion changed him, I think it will slow down the disease's progress. It could be a few days or a few weeks."

 Teaser Two
Chapter 22 Pg.265

 "Oh, my God," she breathed. "You're one of them."
Leo slowly rose to his feet, holding out his hands.
"Arika, it's okay."
"It's not okay!" she screamed.
"How could you do this?
"How could you become a parasite?"

Meet Krystle Jones
Krystle Jones
Krystle Jones was born and raised in the small, southern town of Tullahoma, Tennessee. Reading and writing have been lifelong passions of hers. In addition to being a novelist, she is also an award-winning flutist and moonlights as a voice actress. Her voice can be heard in the popular online game, Alice is Dead 3.

I also have a newsletter you can sign up for to get in on contests, special offers, and to learn when new releases come out. Please see www.krystlejonesbooks.com for more details.

Thank you for reading my books!

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So, Whatcha think of my Tuesday Teaser Of Dark Horizons?

Thanks for stopping by! Do you have a Tuesday Teaser? If so, link me up so I can come check out your TT. Look out for my review of Dark Horizons Coming this week! :-)



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