Saturday, November 16, 2013

Stacking The Shelves #30

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Hey Guys,
I hope everyone had a fantastic week?

Mine, was good! Busy getting ready for Christmas and trying to keep up with my kids, husband, daily house hold things, and these blog post. With all that I've hardly had time for any reading. You won't believe it, but I have been reading the same 350 page book for over a week and half! I know, I know, crazy right? And its a reread that is one of my favorite books, ever! So I made a promise to myself, that no matter what, I WILL find time to read, even if its like 60 pages a day, its better then the 10 pages I've been reading! But anyways, check out this weeks haul, and leave a link to your haul, and I'll come visit you! :)

Here's My 30th Stacking The Shelves...
What I Got This Week...
My Physical Stack Of The Week...

 - Angelfall (PB)
- Cross My Heart (PB)
- Phoenix Island  (ARC)
 - Life Before Legend 0.5 (Mini Booklet)
- Legend #1 (HB)
- Prodigy #2 (HB)
- Champion #3 (HB)
Books That I Bought This Week...

  The Red Sector Chronicles is one of my favorite series out there! I just LOVE it! Its probably number 2 on my fav list. So when it released last week, I just HAD to buy the Paperback to go with the first 2 Paperbacks I got in the series! YOU SHOULD CHECK THIS SERIES OUT, ITS AMAZING!!!!

  My Top Pick Of The Week Is...  

- Cross My Heart By: Krystle Jones Paperback

I've read Anglefall, well actually listened to it on audio, and to be honest, I'm probably one of the only people who didn't love this book! By NO means did I hate it. It just wasn't my favorite. But I really think it has something to do with the audio book I listened too, I really did not like the way she told the story. So with the next book Preordered to arrive Tuesday, I figured I would give this book another try, and actually read it this time, instead of listen to it!

- Angelfall By: Susan Ee Paperback

 This is actually a crazy story!
I ordered The Legend box set when I seen the complete series was $26 on Amazon, that was a steal, and since I've been wanting to buy and read this series, I bought it while the gettin was good. But, I didn't receive it. It went somewhere else. So I called Amazon and they overnighted me a new box set, and told me if the other box came to just keep it, (Hush, Hush). Well, I thought it was a lost cause, that someone was a lucky camper, and kept it for themselves. But the next day AFTER my second box set arrived, my neighbor, on the next street over, who has a similar address to mine, brought the box set to me and said, she kept forgetting to bring it up to me!

So I made out with TWO COMPLETE Sets of the Legend Series, with the Short Story too. Sooooo, I thought since my blogoversity is coming up in March, I would probably give it away as one of the prizes in the giveaway I'm having! So now I just have to find time to read my!

 These are actually the pics from last weeks box set, it was easier then having to take pictures of books I already have pictures of! :-)

- Legend #1 By: Marie Lu Hardback

- Prodigy #2 By: Marie Lu  Hardback


- Champion #3 By: Marie Lu Hardback


- Life Before Legend # 0.5 By:  Marie Lu Mini Booklet

* Complete Hardback Box Set By:  Marie Lu *

Won In A Giveaway...

I won this in a giveaway, and I didn't even know until the UPS man comes backing on my door 7:30 at night, but I was presently supised to have won this book!

BIG THANKS to the Author John Dixon for sending me this book!

   So that's it for me!
What did you add to your shelves this week? Leave me a comment with your link and I'll come visit your shelves! :-)


  1. I got Phoenix Island as well a few weeks ago at NYC Comic Con. It sounds really good. You got some great books.


  2. I haven't read any of these but I hope you enjoy them. Happy reading!
    Tsuki’s STS

  3. I've been wanting to buy me the Legend box set as I've heard they're really good! :D

    Enjoy your new books!

    Kyra @ Blog of a Bookaholic
    My STS post!

  4. Great haul! Amazing box sets as well, I'm so excited to read Champion and see how it all ends. Hope you enjoy all your reads. My STS.

  5. Wow these are awesome, you lucky butt :P & Hope you finish your 350 pages book soon so that you can share some of these amazing reads :)

    Have a great weekend :)
    Check out my haul here!

  6. I'm so jealous of that box set. I really need to read that series! Enjoy :) My STS


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