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Dark Horizons Excerpt & Review


Dark Horizons
By: Krystle Jones
Author: Krystle Jones
Publisher: Pesante Press 
Published: 12-1-12
Genre: YA, Vampires
She will risk everything to save his life.
When seventeen-year-old vampire hunter Sloane McAllister went into the Red Sector to look for her brother, she never expected to meet vampire commander Aden Knight. She definitely never meant to fall in love with him. And she never thought she’d call the vampires her friends, or that to save them she would defy the one person she swore to always protect: her maniacal twin brother, Orion.

After thwarting her brother’s plan to wipe out all vampires with a super virus, she thinks she may at last catch a break – until Aden grows ill, and she’s thrown into prison for treason. But a jail cell can’t compare to the thought of losing Aden forever. The brilliant vampire doctor Paris De Lange thinks she can manufacture a cure, but she’ll need Orion’s blood to do so. There’s just one problem – Orion has escaped.

Now, if Sloane has any hope of saving Aden’s life, she must travel to the surface and bring her brother to justice. But the White Sectors are far from safe. Revolution is brewing, and the control of the White Sector governments grows unstable as the Black Cross Guild creates anarchy in the streets, clashing with the Scarlet Guard and making them increasingly more aggressive. They do have one thing in common – they both want Sloane, dead or alive.

With the world rising up against her, Sloane must rely on old enemies that become new allies, uncover the mysteries surrounding her heritage, and conquer her inner demons before the virus has time to claim the man who’s stolen her heart.

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My Review 

This book blow my mind! It was so good I wanted to throw my tablet across the room when the book was over because I wanted more, So much more. Krystle Jones is an AMAZING writer! She adds so much depth and detail to her writing it's incredible. She kept this book so fast paced with never ending: action, secrets, surprises, blood-shed, with a touch of romance. It was like being inside the book with the characters. She has really done a remarkable job at keeping my attention. There was never a dual moment! This is just a must-read to anyone who enjoys this kind of genre, trust me you won't be sorry, I wasn't!

  This is the second book in "The Red Sector Chronicles". If you haven't read the first book "The Scarlet Dagger" read that first so you get the full understanding and experience from the book.

We follow Sloane again through her journeys. At the end of the last book Orion, Sloane's brother, the Emperor of the vampires made a secret airborne disease to wipe-out the whole vampire race, with the exception of Sloane and himself because his blood is what made the virus. But he didn't get to completely follow through with his plans because he was stopped by Sloane and Aden. BUT some of the Airborne disease did leak out into the vampire population, and some vampires did get infected, and with Sloane's "Maker" and love interest Aden being one of the infected, she will stop at nothing to bring her brother to justice. But with no known cure, everyone infected will die within a couple of days to a couple of weeks. BUT the amazingly smart doctor Paris thinks if she has a sample of Orion and Sloane's blood she may be able to find a cure. But there's just one problem, Orion has escaped from his jail cell and went to the surface with the humans. With Sloane and her friends also in jail for treason against the Emperor Orion, getting to him won't be easy, unless they break-out. BUT breaking-out is only the beginning!

 That's when Sloane and her friends real adventure starts. With Aden's health dwindling by the minute, she's in a race against time to find Orion and get a blood sample before Aden dies. But with the "Vampire Guard" looking for her underground and the "Scarlet Guard" the human government and "Black Cross" the Vampire hunter's all looking for her above-ground, finding Orion will not be easy! But even if she does find Orion and manages to get a blood sample will she have enough time to make it back to Dr. Pairs in time to find a cure for Aden before the virus completely takes over. Well your not getting that from me you'll have to read and find out yourselves! AND TRUST ME YOU WON'T BE SORRY!!!

"WOW"! That's all I could say when I was done this book! So If you can't tell be my review, I definitely give this book 5 stars and would definitely give it more if I could! I can't wait to see what's in store for the 3rd book "Cross My Heart". I know it's going to be nothing short of being AMAZING, like the other two! Check it out!

5 Bone Hearts


There are some things that will stay with me forever: the boom of a gunshot; the sensation of broken glass falling on my face; my twin brother screaming my name as he plummeted to the pavement below.

It’s remarkable how quickly our lives can be ripped apart. In the single violent span of thirty seconds, everything I believed in – beliefs I had stood for my entire life – irrevocably changed forever.
There was no going back. There was no denying the cruel truth.

My brother, Orion, betrayed us the day he tried to wipe out all vampires with a super virus. And I betrayed him, in a way, when I put a bullet through his heart to stop him.

Shock and guilt should be what I’m feeling now. Yet somehow, I can only think of those tiny specks of blood on Aden’s sleeve, of the horrible moment when I realized he was doomed.
Aden – my maker – had caught the virus and was going to die.
And I was completely powerless to stop it.

The office was a wreck. Pieces of broken furniture lay strewn across the blood-smeared marble floor. A few feet away sat a chair, looking perfectly innocent, but I knew better since I was chained there only moments before. The body of a small blonde girl lay at its base, her long-lashed eyes closed as if only sleeping. Her death was still fresh on my mind; the blood spewing from her mouth as her insides turned to soup, the pain in her eyes as she undid my binds and set me free. Without her, Aden and I would be dead.

With a stone-cold feeling of dread, I eyed the bloody spots on Aden’s arm, where he had turned to cough a few seconds ago.

I looked back at Angel, the blonde girl I had come to think of as a friend. My imagination kept replacing her image with Aden’s, and I blinked several times to clear my vision. My stomach turned as fresh tears stung my eyes. Prying my gaze off her, I said, “We have to get you out of here.”
Aden combed his blond bangs out of his eyes. “Not before the rest of my team gets here.”

The words were barely out of his mouth when a gunshot rang in the hall, and the doors burst open as black-suited soldiers flooded the room. Every single one of them had on a mask.
“Good work, Lieutenant,” Aden said to a tall, dark man striding toward us.
The man saluted Aden. “That’s an honor coming from you, Captain Knight. I am glad you are alive and well.”

“Not exactly,” I said, cutting in. I glanced around, lowering my voice as Aden’s agents combed the room. “I think he may have been exposed to the virus.”

The man’s eyes widened. “Here,” he said, reaching into his bag and pulling forth a mask. “Put this on.”

He handed it off to Aden, who snapped it in place with a roll of his eyes.

“Hey,” I said, quirking a brow and giving him a pointed look. “Don’t sass me.”

I knew he was smiling because it reached his eyes. “I wouldn’t dream of it. I’m too afraid to sass you.”

“Never stopped you before,” I muttered. I stared at the second mask dangling from the soldier’s outstretched hand. “What’s this for?”

“If he’s been exposed, then you could have been as well.”

I pushed his hand away. “Don’t worry. I’m immune.” Thanks to my brother and me sharing the same blood, I silently added. Guess being descended from the first vampire king has its perks.

The man glanced at Aden doubtfully. No one except Aden and a few others knew I was the emperor’s twin sister. “Sir, I don’t think she –”

“It’s the truth,” Aden said, his voice cool and strong. “That’s all you need to know.”

“But how?”

Aden’s eyes hardened.

“Er – sorry, sir.” He bent his head toward his walkie-talkie, calling for someone. I heard him mention the word “hospital.”

I slipped in another worried glance at Aden and his eyes sparkled. “You know,” he said in a low voice, his shoulder bumping mine as he came up behind me. “You could always be my nurse, if you’re that worried.”

“Stop,” I snapped. “It’s not funny.”

He snickered, which only made me blush. I was about to reprimand him again when someone said, “Captain.”

We all turned as a blonde woman walked up to us. “Sir, the car is ready.”

I wanted to ask Aden how in the world they had working cars down here, several hundred feet belowground, but at that moment we were steered out of the room. The lieutenant whispered something to the woman as we walked, and she paled. I practically had to jog to keep up with her as she quickened her pace.

They proceeded to usher us downstairs, where a ramshackle thing on wheels I took to be some sort of car sat waiting for us by the curb. After stuffing us into the backseat, the woman leaned over the side of the door, gazing at Aden grimly.

“God speed, Captain,” she said, then slammed the door.

I snorted. What is this, the Titanic?

Aden leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees and his forehead against the torn leather seat.
“What is it?” I asked, placing a hand on his back.
“I’m just a bit dizzy,” he said dismissively.
A little surge of fear zapped through me. “Here,” I said, grabbing hold of his shoulders and gently pulling back. “Lay down on my lap.”

He tried to hide the teasing sparkle in his eyes as he leaned back, using my lap like a pillow.
I shot him a warning look. “Don’t get any ideas.”

Hushed, urgent voices came from up front; the woman was speaking with the driver. When they finished talking a few seconds later, she slapped the side of the car as if it were a horse and the driver sped off, squealing tires and leaving a cloud of dirt in our wake.

My shoulder slammed into the door as we took a turn too fast. I winced but kept my hands firmly planted around Aden’s shoulders, hoping he couldn’t feel how badly they were shaking.
Aden groaned as the engine growled. “What is that God-awful sound?” he asked, rubbing his temples.

“It’s the car.” The thing sounded about two potholes away from completely shaking itself apart. “How are you feeling?”

“Fantastic.” The mask made his words a little muffled, which only made me listen that much harder for any sign that his condition had worsened. “Aside from this migraine, I feel fine.”
“You have a migraine?” My brows knitted together as I leaned forward. The car swung around another curb, nearly flinging me on top of him. He reached up to steady me, causing my breath to catch in my throat.

“Easy now,” he murmured. “There’s room for two if you’d like to lie down.” Mischief sparkled in his blue eyes. “Then again, now that you mention it, I am a little chilly. Care to be my blanket?”
Feeling my face heat, I straightened and pushed back a strand of curly black hair behind my ear. “If you can think of pick-up lines, then your head can’t be hurting
that badly.” I thought his lame attempts at hitting on me were mostly for my benefit than his, some chivalrous attempt to make me feel better, which it did to some degree. It felt normal, and not like we were rushing to the hospital because he might die at any minute.

Meet Krystle Jones
Krystle JonesKrystle Jones was born and raised in the small, southern town of Tullahoma, Tennessee. Reading and writing have been lifelong passions of hers. In addition to being a novelist, she is also an award-winning flutist and moonlights as a voice actress. Her voice can be heard in the popular online game, Alice is Dead 3.

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  1. I trie to stay away from books with vampires, but this noe sounds too good to be missed:-)

  2. The first book in this series sounds really good, but the second one sounds even better. And I am a fan of the covers, too! Heading to Amazon to check this out some more!


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