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Blood Prophecy Review

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Blood Prophecy (Witch Fairy, #2)

Blood Prophecy
(Witch-Fairy #2)
Published: April 17th, 2011
Genres: YA, Fantasy, Paranormal
The Fairy mercenaries may be back in their own realm, but the Witches still want Xandra dead. Fearing an ancient prophecy, the Witches are determined to keep Xandra from destroying the world. Still new to her magical powers, she must learn to use her witch magic in order to protect herself and those she loves. Now, if only she can get her magic to cooperate.
Once again, Xandra is tasked with determining who is friend and who is foe as she faces this new threat. Not to mention digging around in the family skeleton closet to find out what else she's never been told. In the end, will she be powerful enough to take on the eight most powerful Witches in the world?



Wow! What a WONDERFUL follow-up to "True Of Blood"! I Loved it! The author has done it again with the 2nd book in the "Witch Fairy" Series! There was plenty of magic action, plotting, mystery, with a touch of romance. Truly an enjoyable 2nd book!

Well Xandra may have defeated the Fairy's and sent them back to the realm where they belong. But there's still people that want her dead. And this time it's Xandra Grandfather, King of the Witches. She getting real tired of her family trying to take her out! But this time instead of two Fairy's trying to kill her, it's 8 of the most powerful Witches known in the world. With Xalndra still coming into her powers she has her work cut out for her!

So will Xandra be able to take on the most 8 powerful Witches or will they finally be able to take her out??? Will Xandra finally get to live a happy free life or will this only be the beginning??? Well if you want those answers your going to have to read on in the series and find out. Trust me you won't be disappointed, I wasn't!
 4.5 Bone Hearts

Bonnie Lamer
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  1. I bought the first one, but haven't had a chance to read it yet. Hopefully I will love it as much as you did. And then I get to move on to this one which doesn't seem to have suffered from sophomore syndrome at all!

  2. Sounds like a great series! I'm going to have to check out book one.. thanks for sharing!!


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