Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Veronica Roth Talks about ALLEGIANT & Get A Sneak Peak into Chapter One


The Mind Behind The Series:
Veronica Roth

 Veronica Roth is author of the "Divergent" trilogy. (Nelson Fitch)

So ALLEGIANT is here, Ugh? Well I am not NO where near as happy as I was 2 days ago, after having the ending spoiled for me! But I will give Veronica Roth the benefit of the doubt and read it for myself before I pass TOO much judgment.

Here's Robin Young's advanced copy of "Allegiant." To ensure no pages were leaked, her name was printed on each page! (Robin Young/Twitter) 
Veronica Roth has SHOCKED the world with ALLEGIANT'S ending, not that I've read it yet, because I have yet to sit down and read it. But I have heard what happens, and let me tell you I am NOT HAPPY!!! I am fuming inside, to where I want to throw my copy across the room! Then to hear Veronica say in this interview linked below, that she has ALWAYS had this ending planned!!! WHATTTT?????? I KNOW I did NOT hear that right? That sent me over the edge!!!

Listen to Veronica talk about the EPIC series, that fell flat with ALLEGIANT HERE!!!

Chapter One Sneak Peak




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