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Submerged Review

By:  Nicole Sobon
Submerged (Outbreak, #1)Title: Submerged
Author: Nicole Sobon
Series: Outbreak #1
Genre: YA, Dystopia
Published: February 14, 2013
Source: ARC Review
Pages: 384
After a mysterious virus makes its way into the United States, the government demands that states seal themselves off from one another and do their best to protect their surviving residents. When the state of Florida is bordered off from the surrounding states, Taylen Fincher, a seventeen-year-old girl with a yearning for her former life finds herself wondering how much of what they’ve been told is true.

When Troum took control of the state, he told the residents that the other states had fallen to the virus and that he wouldn’t allow the same thing to happen to them. But Taylen doesn’t believe it. She insists that there is still life outside of the state, and she is going to do whatever it takes to prove it… but her actions will cost her more than she ever expected.

Troum kidnaps Taylen’s sister, Penelope, in hopes of coaxing her into behaving – into being a submissive resident, much like the others. But Taylen isn’t one to give in that easily.

Eager to rescue her sister, Taylen will set out on an adventure that’ll force her to open her heart to the unexpected and to uncover secrets that will change everything.

SUBMERGED is the first book in a YA dystopian duology.
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Submerged Review

OMG! What an AMAZING Book! Truly BLOW ME AWAY and Sucked me in from the first page to the last~! It left me wanting more, SO MUCH MORE~! First I have to compliment the wonderful Author Nicole Sobon for this amazing world she created with "Submerged"! She has such a WONDERFUL way with bringing a story alive! She set this book an fire~! This book was very original and very well-rounded! There was plenty of action, plotting, fighting, emotion, friendship and a start of a wonderful romance. She pretty much put all that on paper and blow the story alive! I LOVED IT!! She deserves a lot of praising for this book!:D

  Well I must admit going into this story I was a little confused. I really didn't know what to except. I knew the story was about a virus making it's way through the United States. But I wasn't really sure if the virus turned these people into zombies or if they just died or if they got extremely sick or what happened to them. Well, what I found here was something I was totally not expecting. The author has brought something so original and fresh to books. Their was so many surprises, twist and turn, ups and downs in this book it had me on the edge of my seat longing for more! I can't give that part of the story away but trust me it's really going to be amazing!

  Well the United States has fallen to a vicious virus. They have closed off all the States from each other in order to contain the virus from state to state. Their isn't much of anything left. In the State of Florida their are some healthy survivors that survived the virus that swept across the United States. But their was nothing but chaos amonst the people. No order, no rules, nothing! So one man steps up and claims the power and order of that State. He changes everything and brings hope back into the Flordia. People look up to him and worship the ground he walks on. He claims that nothing is left to the United States, and that they were the only lucky state to survive the outbreak. He Say everything that he is doing is to help rebuild their state and bring back order to their world.

  But one Seventeen year old girl named Taylen thinks he's lying! She thinks something's not right with what he's says. She questions his authority and rebels against what rules he's put in place. But Taylen just wants everything to go back the way it was before Troum sectored off the state and divided her community. She is just a normal teen chasing her youth. She wants to be left alone and do the things that she wants. She isn't trying to bring Troum down or change the world. That is until her little sister is kidnapped by Troum's guards. Then Taylen is forced to see what this man is really like and that her suspicions might be true all along!

So this book is definitely a one of a kind. It is so worth checking out. It has an amazing plot, characters, and a world of mystery and discovery about how the United States changed almost over night and how one girl fought to bring freedom back to her people.

I gave this book a 5/5 rating BUT definitely think the rating is worth a lot more! Nicole you have done an AMAZING job with this book and I can't wait for the second book in the series! You created a gem with this one! :)
I was given a ARC Copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. Everything you have read is my full and honest opinion of the book.
5 Stars
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  1. Sounds like a good one! And I have to say that I am digging the chick's red hair! I like dystopian societies. I like epic survival battles, battle of wills! I think that I would really like this one!


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