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Soul Possessed Blog Tour: Guest Post + Giveaway

Soul Possessed
By: Katlyn Duncan
Book Two
Soul Possessed (The Life After #2)
Title: Soul Possessed
Author: Katlyn Duncan
Publisher: Carina UK
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Paranormal
Published: October 28th, 2013
Pages: 256

Life after Life

Now Maggie has been given the chance of her after-life to become a Guard, nothing will stand in her way. Not even the undeniable attraction she feels for her trainer and past love—Jackson. But when the battle between Shadowed and Guard begins again which side will she choose?

When her boss, Felix, partners Jackson and Maggie up with Ally and Cooper to investigate terrifying Shadowed activity, she doesn’t think it could get any worse. Jackson and Cooper barely tolerate each other and this time, Maggie isn’t just proving her loyalty to the Guard during one mission...she has a side mission too.
One so secret and so dangerous she can’t tell a soul...
New Adult Addiction     New Adult Addiction

Soul Taken
By: Katlyn Duncan
Book One

Soul Taken (The Life After, #1)
Title: Soul Taken
Author: Katlyn Duncan
Publisher: Carina UK
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Paranormal
Published: June 4th, 2013
Pages: 208
After-life just got a lot more complicatedMaggie is a Soul Collector. It’s her job to transport souls from the Living Realm to the After – but during a mission to find a stolen soul, she ends up stuck in a teen mean girl’s body.

Trapped, Maggie’s soul is catapulted into Ally’s life – and the human world she hasn’t experienced for one hundred years. But, as a descendant of the most powerful beings in the After, Maggie must rescue Ally before the girl’s soul dies…

To survive, Maggie must uncover devastating secrets – because with one soul taken by a terrifying enemy, Maggie’s could be next!

New Adult Addiction     New Adult Addiction
Guest Post
What are 10 things I wish I knew about being an author that I didn't know before? 
10. The amount of editing a book gets before it is released.
9. The ability to accept constructive criticism is important and will significantly improve your work.
8. How important plotting a story can be.
7. You need to have a thick skin, especially when it comes to reviews.
6. How important branding and social media is.
5. Thinking ahead about the next book/series is a powerful tool (and saves you from stress!).
4. How attached I would be to my computer (more then I already was).
3. Deadlines are no joke and can be a bit stressful at times.
2. I wouldn't have nearly enough time to read.
1. How amazing it feels to share my work with the world!


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 Meet Katlyn Duncan
I've been writing and reading since I can remember. My fondest memories were pushing mom out of the house to get the latest Goosebumps installment. Even though I went to school for biology and currently work in the medical field, I find time to write/read every day. Eventually my persistence turned into my debut novel, Soul Taken, the first book in The Life After trilogy published by Carina UK.

Outside of writing, I enjoy spending time with my hubs, pup, and sometimes a good rom com.
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