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Title: Solstice
Series: Solstice
Author: P.J. Hoover
Genre: YA, Dystopia, Myth
Published: June 18th 2013
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Piper's world is dying.

Each day brings hotter temperatures and heat bubbles that threaten to destroy the earth. Amid this global heating crisis, Piper lives under the oppressive rule of her mother, who suffocates her even more than the weather does. Everything changes on her eighteenth birthday, when her mother is called away on a mysterious errand and Piper seizes her first opportunity for freedom.

Piper discovers a universe she never knew existed—a sphere of gods and monsters—and realizes that her world is not the only one in crisis. While gods battle for control of the Underworld, Piper’s life spirals out of control as she struggles to find the answer to the secret that has been kept from her since birth.

An imaginative melding of mythology and dystopia, Solstice is the first YA novel by talented newcomer P. J. Hoover.


Solstice is one of those book that I love to hate! It was very hard for me to get into it, and once I (kinda) did, it was a BIG disappointment! Nothing really happened, besides global warming, which was intriguing, but I want something with a bang, or at least....Something! But as the story progressed and we get introduced to the Underworld, and the Gods, then I started to say, okay, this is going to be good after all. Sadly, that was not the case with Solstice. 

Solstice had very interesting Ideas, but was not well thought-out. Now, I did not hate this book, BUT it didn't live up to my expectations at all! The writing was good, but everything was VERY predictable! I seen things coming way before they even happened, and when they did happen, it wasn't nothing to get excited about! 

 The Plot 

 The world has gone into chaos. Global warning is in effect, with extreme heat rises, and unexpected hail storms. Its like the weather has a mind of its own...Many people have died as a result of this, and more are expected. Many even believe this is the end of times.

Piper, a freshly turned eighteen year old is struggling from her mothers obsessiveness to keep her sheltered, and cut off from everyone other then her best-friend Chole. She has never had a boyfriend or gone to hang out with friends. So when her mom has to go on this "mysterious" meeting, Piper seizes this opportunity to spread her freshly turn eighteen year old wings, and soars! She goes on a date! For the first time ever, and she loves it! But that's only the beginning of Piper's changing life.

Her life is thrown out of control when mysterious things start to happen. She's hearing and seeing things that can't really be there. And she hears whispers of someone oncoming demise. Then if that isn't enough, two mysterious boys come out of nowhere, and they both seem to know her, and want her. Then Pipers world turns upside down, when both boys turn out to be gods of this underworld, she never knew existed! She's also having these strong desires for both boys. One feels real and genuine, while the other desire feels forced, like a fuzzy haze. Piper can't understand or explain any of this, so she excepts it....

Then  Piper is introduced to the Underworld were Gods rule, and dead souls linger. She is thrust into this life of pain, sorrow, misery, on one side of the underworld, where the bad souls go. And on the other side, happiness, love, and a life in paradise for the good souls.

 Piper knows she is connected to this world somehow, someway, and she determined to find out how! But no one will tell her anything, and people are dying all around her, her moms hiding something and smothering her at the same time. She also has her best-friend Chole, starting to go crazy on her, and her estranged father is sending her letters and trying to take her away from her mom. And if that's not enough, One of the gods turn out to be something Piper never expected, and he's starting to stalk her! Pipers world went from crazy, to unbelievably INSANE, and she has absolutely no clue how, and why, But shes about to find out....

Now, doesn't that sound good? Well I thought so too, but really it is nothing like it sounds. When Piper found out that the guy she is falling for was actually and god in a different world, she wasn't even freaked out. she didn't ask the most obvious questions anyone would ask, and this go's for other things that happen. She made me feel like this: Okay, your a god in this mythology world, and you judge the dead souls that enter, but can you pass the wine, please? I mean come on, I would been freaking out demanding answers! But No, not Piper, she acts like its a everyday thing to met gods in the Underworld, and see Souls linger!

I also found the character development terrible! I did not like any of the characters, well maybe just a little, but not really. Its like they didn't have any personality, and I found myself not really caring what happened to them.  And it was soooooo PREDICTABLE!!!! I knew what Piper was and her role in the whole Underworld thing when I was LESS then 25% in, and it isn't revealed until about 90%. So that should tell you right there that I did not get many surprises in this book!

Another thing that bothered me in this book was that their was really NO ACTION! If your looking for a fast-Paced book, that keeps you turning the pages faster then you can read them, then keep looking because you will NOT find it here, at least I didn't!

So Overall, I didn't hate this book, but I did not love it, or really even like it that much either. But I kept reading because I kept telling myself "It has to get better, One more chapter and it will" But Nope, it didn't. So would I read the next book? Probably not.  Would I recommended this book? ABSOLUTELY NOT! But some people might find it worth the read, but just not me.
2.5 - 3 Stars

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P.J. Hoover
P. J. Hoover first fell in love with Greek mythology in sixth grade thanks to the book Mythology by Edith Hamilton. After a fifteen year bout as an electrical engineer designing computer chips for a living, P. J. decided to take her own stab at mythology and started writing books for kids and teens. P. J. is a member of THE TEXAS SWEETHEARTS & SCOUNDRELS. When not writing, P. J. spends time with her husband and two kids and enjoys practicing Kung Fu, solving Rubik's cubes, and watching Star Trek.


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  1. This just doesn't sound like a book that I would even give a chance to. I hate to say that, but it doesn't seem like a book that I would enjoy very much, and there are so many books that I am going crazy to get my hands on. I think I will wait for those! Besides, I honestly cannot stand to DNF, so if I think that may be the case with a story, why do that to myself? Thank you so much for your review!


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