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Forever Fae (Forever Fae #1) 

Title: Forever Fae
Author: L.P. Dover
Genre: YA, Paranormal, Fairies
Published: November 30th 2012


He leans down, lips parted, and then our lips connect... We didn’t know that this one kiss has FOREVER changed the Land of the Fae.
According to the Prophecy proclaimed many years ago, Princess Calista of the Summer Court is destined to change the Land of the Fae from the evil determined to destroy it. Her powers are phenomenal, and she secretly trains for battle with her handsome warrior friend, Merrick, who unbeknownst to her protects her heart as well, in hopes of keeping it for himself. At least, until the seductive Prince Ryder attends the Guardian Ceremony and instantly sends a fire burning through her veins and a connection so deep they both discover a love above anything imaginable.
No one knows how Calista is destined to change the kingdoms, but there is one that does. He not only craves Calista’s power, but her body as well, and his goal is to steal her power, make her his Dark Queen, and take over the Land of the Fae.
Will the evil succeed in claiming Calista’s soul? Or will the two men that fight for her heart save her from despair, and help her fulfill her destiny to become what she was meant to be.

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WOW! What an AMAZING Ride, This Book BLOW ME AWAY!

Where should I start there's SO Many things I love about this book.

This book pretty much revolves around a Princess named Calista from Summer Court and a Prince named Ryder from Winter Court. They meet on Calista's becoming of age Ceremony where warriors battle to become her guardian. When they meet it's instant love at first sight. They were drawn together by forces of magic that senses they were meant to be together. But there happily ever after will have to wait because there's a dark Sorcerer lurking in the shadows waiting for the perfect time to unleash his evil and take the Princess powers. He needs all 4 princess to have enough power to defeat the kingdoms and take over the lands. Starting with Calista is the beginning, but Calista is a fighter and she's not going down without a fight!

There's going to be 4 books, each one is about a different Princess. We have Calista and her 2 sisters and then Ryder's only sister. So in Forever Fae it's about the oldest and strongest Princess Calista and the Sorcerer trying to take her powers and her body for himself. The second book Betrayals of Spring will be out in a month, February 14th, on Valentines day what a special treat! That will be about the second oldest Princess Meliantha.

If you like magic and romance filled with evil and adventure then Forever Fae is your book!
OH! and there's a HOT and STEAMY love scene at the end of the book with VIVID DETAILS! I would read the book just for that Chapter LOL!

Trust me this is a must read and if you don't pick it up your really missing out because this book took me for and AMAZING ride and Book two is right around the corner. I give this book a 5 Star rating and would give more if I could but 5 the most. Go and check it out you won't be sorry!

   5 Stars

Betrayals of Spring (Forever Fae, #2)
Author: L.P. Dover
Genre: YA, Paranormal, Fairies
Published: February 13th 2013

The smell of rain vastly approaches as we are lying on the ground in a sea of flowers. They surround our bodies while the fresh Spring wind caresses our skin with its soft, gentle touch. Combined as one, we stare into each other’s eyes as we bask in the pleasure of our love and OUR land.

The Land of the Fae has flourished bringing a new beginning and a new court, the Fall Court. Five years have passed since then along with the dreaded day that Meliantha, Summer Court Princess and one of the powerful Four, was betrayed and broken-hearted by the sexy and alluring Winter Prince, Kalen. Spurned by the man she loves, Meliantha has turned and fallen into the arms of the fierce and handsome warrior, Finn, who understands she can never love him, but wants more than anything to mend her broken heart.
The Winter Solstice Ball is approaching, meaning Meliantha will have to face the Winter Prince and make it out of there with her heart intact. But what does she do when Prince Kalen acts as if nothing ever happened and seems more in love with her than ever before?

The dark sorcerer has planned his twisted game of lies and deceit well, and has enjoyed making himself a player without anyone’s knowledge. The game is almost over and the players are exactly where they are needed to be. Will Meliantha figure out his twisted game and save all the players? Or will the dark sorcerer once again obtain the power of the Four and take everything away from her…..even her one true love?

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 Okay, So where do you start when you love EVERYTHING about a book!
If you loved "Forever Fae" then hold on tight because this book is going to knock your socks off and take you for a ride like no other!! And I am NOT exaggerating one bit!! This book has SO many twist an turns, Ups an downs. Surprises around every corner. The book was AMAZING from the Prologue to the very end. But as the chapters went by it just kept getting better an better to the point to where I thought to myself wait, this book can't get no better then it already has, then BAM it's 10 times better then it was!! Truly Remarkable, AND BLOW ME AWAY!!

As you should already know this series is about the power of the 4. Four different Princess but all connected. So in each book their will be a different Princess that the evil Sorcerer is trying to steal their powers from. The Sorcerer can't take over the Faerie-land until each princess becomes of age an then he has to take their powers in a certain order. Then, an only then will he have enough power to defeat the Royals and take over the Faerie-land for himself.

So this is book 2 a wonderful follow up of "Forever Fae". This one is about the second Princess an the second oldest, Princess Meliantha of Summer Court and her soul mate Prince Kalen of Winter Court.

The Dark Sorcerer has gained an enormous amount of strength and power from Queen Calista from book one. So he is much stronger then before. He is determined to destroy Princess Meliantha's life, an that he does. The Dark Sorcerer has to obtain his power from the Princess BEFORE her bonding is complete with her Prince. And if he does not he can't take the power from that princess. Then he will not have the strength an power to take over the lands. So he must do everything in his power to make sure he claims Meliantha's power before the bonding is complete with Prince Kalen.

This books takes us all over the Faerie-land. Through the most evilest places known to Fae. The Dark Sorcerer has a game played out and Princess Meliantha is his player.

I don't want to give to much away because trust me you want to enjoy every part of this book, it's that GOOD!

Meliantha is strong kick-butt female heroine and truly is remarkable. She is SO feisty when need be and so kind when needed. She has so much strength and bravery. She was really an enjoyable character and I built up such a strong connection with her. It was like when she hurt I hurt. When she cried I cried and when she laughed I laughed. I really fell in love with this book and the characters.

Leslie Dover the WONDERFUL author of this book has truly outdone herself. And this being ONLY her second book shows how much potential she really has, an what's in store for her coming books. She is truly an AMAZING author, an a AMAZING person at that! I give her mad props for this book. An will ALAWAYS read ANYTHING she writes without even knowing what it's about because anything she writes I know will truly be AMAZING!

So BRAVO Leslie Dover, You are AMAZING!

I give this book 10 out of 5 rating. I mean it was just that good! An if you haven't read "Forever Fae" I suggest you read that first to get the full experience of the book! Trust me you WON'T BE SORRY!!
 5 Stars


~Summer of Frost Teaser~
“Good evening, Princess Sorcha. I don’t think we’ve actually been formally introduced,” he expressed regally, bowing slightly. “I’m Drake.”
“I know who you are,” I replied blandly. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”
He beamed. “Good things, I hope.”
“Not really,” I teased dryly.
Indeed, I’d heard many things about him. He was an arrogant ass that liked to show off his skills anytime he could, not to mention he probably had a million Summer Fae women lined up to enjoy him in his bed. I didn’t know that for certain, but I could only imagine. His life was very secret when it came to women, so needless to say, it drew many speculations. He was ridiculously good looking, and the longer he was in front of me the more I felt a pull to fall into his arms. What the hell was wrong with me?
Laughing, he tilted his head and held out his hand. “How about we dance, and you can tell me all about what you heard. I guarantee most of it isn’t true.”
I glared at his hand, and then back up to his face, contemplating if I should accept. Before I could take his hand, Alston pushed his way between us, anger emanating off of him in strong waves. “How about you find someone else? Sorcha is with me. I’m sure you’ll find another Winter Fae that would be happy to cool your bed.”
For a second, I stood there frozen and speechless. In a way, I wanted to see what Drake would do, but I also didn’t want to see them fight. It would cause unwanted problems that we didn’t need. Slow, and with determination, Drake took a step closer to Alston, standing almost nose to nose with him. “So … she’s with you, huh?”
“That’s right,” Alston growled.
A wolfish grin spread across Drake’s face. He raked his heated gaze down my body quickly, before laying his deadly gray eyes back on Alston. “Keep telling yourself that,” he retorted.
Alston clenched his fists, ready to strike, when Drake gracefully backed up and bowed his head slightly at me, never swaying his eyes from mine. “Maybe next time, Princess Sorcha,” he murmured, his voice low and seductive.
Out of all my years of always having a smart ass comeback or something witty to throw out, that moment was one of the times I couldn’t form words. Alston snaked his arm around my waist, pulling me close, and for that second in time I didn’t care. Nothing existed except me and Drake as he backed up slowly, both of our gazes never wavering from each other’s. He winked at me before leaving the ballroom, and once he was out of sight, everything immediately returned to normal. My heart beat regularly while everyone came back into focus, and that meant Alston and Sarette’s angry glares.
I knew then that everything was going to change after that night. Drake had captured my attention, and I was determined to find out more.


1.) What was your inspiration to want to become a writer?  

I’d always been a writer somewhat and a big reader. I spent years sitting in front of a notebook trying to figure out a story, but could never get it. It took a push from one of my close author friends to push me over the edge and give me the encouragement.

2.) Which book did you enjoy writing more, Forever Fae or Betrayals Of Spring?

I enjoyed writing Betrayals of Spring better. My experiences with Forever Fae was very stressful because I had no clue how to publish a book, but I had some amazing  support by some amazing author friends. Once I got the hang of what needed to be done in publishing a book things got easier. Also, I loved my ideas for Betrayals of Spring better.

3.) Why did you decide to have different main characters for each book? 

When I thought of my story line I had the four princesses in mind. I knew I couldn’t tell all of their stories in one book. So I designated a book for each princess. I will, however, have some novellas thrown into the series and also a prequel that will be the beginning of it all. It will be before the princesses were even born.

4.) So far, which character is your favorite from either book 1 or 2 in the Forever Fae Series, and why?  

I have so many favorites I wouldn’t know where to begin, but I think it would have to be Merrick in Forever Fae. I just fell in love with him. Don’t get me wrong I love Ryder as well, but something about Merrick just pulled at my heart. He’s the one I think about all the time. Not to give any spoilers or anything, but there will be closure coming soon dealing with Merrick.

5.) How did you come up with the idea for this series? 

I’m not too sure to be honest with you. One day I had no ideas in my head and then the next I was writing a book.

6.) If you could change one thing about either book, what would it be and why?  

I would have to say my writing style. I wrote Forever Fae and Betrayals of Spring in first person present tense. Eventually, that will change. My future plan is to change them to first person past tense. I just feel that it flows better.

7.) Did you ever write any unpublished books, and if so can you tell us about it and/or your experience with writing it?  

I started a paranormal romance a few months ago dealing with an incubus, but I didn’t get very far with it. Not really much to tell with it … lol.

8.) Can you tell us a little bit about what's to come in the 3rd book, Summer Of Frost?

Summer of Frost is going to be very different from Forever Fae and Betrayals of Spring. This book will take you on the adventures of Sorcha and Drake. I’ve incorporated all of the main characters in this book. They all play parts in this one so you will see Calista, Ryder, Kalen, Meliantha, Ariella, Brayden, Elvena, and also some new characters. I’m really nervous but excited with this one. I’ve all ready been told by a couple of my beta readers that this one is their favorite. Hopefully, everyone else will love it too.

9.) Is there anything you want to say to your fans?   

That I love each and every one of my fans and that my books would be lonely without them. My smiles each day stem from encouraging comments from my lovely readers. I know you’ve given me a ton of smiles.

               THIS OR THAT              

- Music Or Tv? 

- French Fries Or Potatoes? 

- Ebook Or Hardback/Paperback? 

- Car Or SUV? 

- Writing Or Typing?  

- Pink Or Green? 
NOOOO…they’re both my favorites!! J

- Smoke Or Chew Gum?  
Chew gum

- Married Or Single?

- Cook Or Fast Food?  

- Hunger Games Series Or Divergent Series?
Hunger Games

- Sun or Snow?  

      - Forgive Or Forget?  

 Thank you so much L.P Dover, for the time you have dedicated to your fans and to this interview! You have truly been an inspiration to me, & will always be one of my favorite authors! :) I love your books and your writing, So Keep writing them, because I'll keep reading them! :)

         ABOUT L.P. DOVER         

L.P. Dover 

I am an avid reader that loves my collection of books. Writing has always been a passion of mine and now I am glad that I get to share my passion with the world. I live in North Carolina and I absolutely love being a southern girl. I spent several years in college starting out with a major in Psychology and then switching to dental. I worked in the dental field for eight years and then decided to stay home with my two beautiful girls. I spent the beginning of my reading years reading suspense thrillers, but now I can't get away from the paranormal/fantasy books. I knew ever since then that if I wrote anything it would be in a paranormal aspect. Now that I have started on my passion and began writing, you will not see me go anywhere without a notebook and pen.

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