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Born in Flames (Born in Flames Trilogy, #1) Born in Flames
                        September 6th 2012
259 pages

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As I walked Mr. Creepy to the door and went to lock it behind him, his arm shot out and grabbed onto my wrist in a sumo death grip. The pupils to his eyes went white, churning the building fear in my stomach. His grip tightened. And then he spoke: “Of dragon born, a conqueror prevails. The chosen one fated to protect the dying race. Third of three deemed protector to the progeny. The other marked for revenge. The book of life pages turn yet unwritten. The canvas to your mortal soul. The connection to your immortal enemy. A death will come to He that breaks the barrier.”

A flash of white so bright it nearly blinded me shone through his eyes while he spoke, and then he blinked them back to normal. That sound of his voice, the sound of a thousand voices speaking through one, resounded in my head.

“Let GO of me!” I yelled. Fenn was already behind me, circling his arm around my waist and yanking the guys grip off of me. He shoved the guy back, moving to close the door, but I stopped him, my heart beating wildly against my chest.

“Don’t,” I cried out, shoving Fenn out of the way as I rushed to face Mr. Creepy again. A better time to get answers couldn’t have slapped me in the face any harder.

“Who are you?” I asked, breath rushing out of me while holding the door open. Mr. Creepy stood still, eyes unmoving.

“Rory, get back, he’s dangerous. Didn’t you see what just happened? Don’t do this,” Fenn pleaded. I jerked my head around to face him, scrunching my eyes in annoyance, and said, “Just give me a minute.”

He huffed and then stepped back, clearly angry with me.

I turned to Mr. Creepy. “You can’t just waltz in here, stalk me all day, then go all prophet on me and not explain who you are and why you are doing this to me.” I grabbed his pasty arm and pulled him back into the restaurant. Everyone had left so I figured this was the best place to confront him. “So again I ask, who are you?”

I crossed my arms and waited, impatiently tapping my foot as the silent seconds seemed to drag on forever.

His chest puffed up. “I am the answer to your questions.” He stuck his chin out. “And here you stand so defiant and demanding answers while you should be questioning who you are.”

I stepped back towards Fenn, seeking that protected feeling he always gave off, as the reality of what Mr. Creepy had said hit home.

“Why do you think I stopped you?” My eyes fell to the floor. “Obviously because I do question who I am,” I rushed out. “Instead of mocking me, why don’t you try explaining? The pendant…your eyes…my eyes…my strange abilities with fire. Why is all of this happening?” I asked boldly.

“Because you are the progeny, the chosen one,” he answered, pausing to let it sink in.
I took a step back.

“The progeny? To what? What am I chosen for?”


This book was very different then what I'm use to. I've never read a book about dragons and especially about a Dragon-Shifter! It was a good change in books! I have to admit going into this book I was a little skeptical. But let me tell you this book did NOT disappoint! I found myself not only enjoy this book but totally engrossed, lost in a fantasy world of supernatural beings, magic, dragons and romance. I was sucked in after about second chapter, I knew I was hooked!

Aurora doesn't remember anything before she was 10 years old, and that's for a reason! She is a dragon, a dying race on the brink of extinction. She was thrown into the human world for her protection! She is adopted by a family and meets Fenn, a boy with the same history, that doesn't remember anything also!

Aurora discoverers her heritage and is skeptical until the things she heard start coming true! Now Auurora must except her destiny if she wants to live to see another day!
The Fates are out to finish what they started many years ago before she was thrown into the human world and protected!. Now time is running out and if she doesn't come into her powers and learn to use them in time, she and her people might just become that dying race that they are so worried about!

Surprisingly, I really enjoyed this book! It was different in a good kinda a way and the plot kept me interested and the writing sucked me in from the beginning!

So Overall I definitely enjoyed this book and would recommend it and will be finishing the series!

4.5 Stars

Candace Knoebel

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